September 23rd, 2016

Weather warning for torrential rain issued

Weather warning for torrential rain issued Weather warning for torrential rain issued
A weather warning has been issued by the county council. Picture courtesy of Pink Sherbet Photography

EXTRA Worcestershire Highways staff will be on standby this weekend after the Met Office issued a weather warning for very active heavy thundery rain and hail this evening leading into Saturday. (estimated 9pm-3am) .

Motorists are being reminded to take care and temper their driving according to the road conditions as the predicted downpours could make conditions difficult at times with localised surface water flooding a possibility.

Additional gangs, including gully emptiers, are on standby to help minimise any potential disruption.

Drivers are once again being advised that when driving through larger puddles or smaller areas of standing water, drive slowly and steadily, allow oncoming traffic to pass and always test your brakes after leaving the water.

If water has flooded across a section of road it may be difficult to tell exactly how deep it is.  If they come across a road that is flooded they should not attempt to drive through the flood water.

This not only has the potential to put themselves and other people in serious danger, it could also damage their vehicle and wreck engines. Visibility can be seriously reduced in heavy rain so headlights must be used, together with allowing a bigger gap between vehicles to allow for the increased stopping distance.

Councillor John Smith OBE, Worcestershire County Council Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “The forecast from the MET office tonight doesn’t look too great. This evening in particular could pose problems for those out and about due to heavy downpours.

“Additional Worcestershire Highways gangs are on standby to help wherever they can if the need arises.

“As ever, we’d ask people to take care and not take unnecessary risks. Temper driving according to the conditions and, most importantly, keep safe.”

For updates about the weather please visit the MET Office website at .