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The Redditch & Alcester Standard is the local newspaper that prides itself on providing an interesting mix of stories for our readers, on being accurate, informative with news that is well presented in a bright, lively style.

ReadershipABC Jan-Jun 2016
CirculationJICREG May 2016

With full colour throughout, and a comprehensive guide to local Sales and Services, Jobs, Motoring, Entertainment and the biggest and best selection of Homes and Property for sale locally.

Advert Prices


  • TypeColumnFull Page
  • Run of Paper6.501836.00
  • Classified6.50
  • Property6.501836.00
  • Entertainment6.50
  • Motors11.001836.00
  • Sits Vac11.001836.00
  • Public Notices10.00

Price is in GBP per centimeter column unless otherwise stated.


  • PlacementPrice
  • MPU7.50
  • Billboard10.00
  • Banner7.50
  • SkinRead below

'Skin' placement can be purchased on a takeover/tenancy pricing scale, for a quote, please email:

Price is in GBP per 1,000 impressions unless otherwise stated.

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Advert Sizes


  • ColumnsDimensions (mm)
  • 124.0
  • 251.0
  • 377.5
  • 4104.5
  • 5131.0
  • 6158.0
  • 7184.5
  • 8211.5
  • 9238.0
  • 10265.0


  • PlacementDimensions (px)
  • MPU300x250
  • Billboard320x50, 468x60, 728x90
  • Banner320x50, 468x60, 728x90
  • Skin1900x1100

When advertising with a 'Skin' placement, make sure not to display anything of importance in the central 1100px, or in the top, or bottom 150px of the graphic.

Some placements require three seperate advert boxes, for different device viewports.

The Redditch & Alcester Standard offers advertisers the best and most cost effective way of delivering their advertising message to more homes and businesses in Redditch than any other local paper, every week.

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