25th Mar, 2017

Redditch man confronts intruder before hitting him with a walking stick

Imogen Buller 20th Mar, 2017

A REDDITCH resident who found a man going through his bedroom drawers, chased him off the premises with his walking stick.

At around 8pm last Tuesday (March 14) the Johnson Road resident heard a noise in the hallway of his house and then found a man going through drawers in his bedroom.

He then approached the criminal and hit him with his walking stick, forcing the would-be thief to beat a hasty retreat – empty handed – out the back door.

This attempted-theft was just one of three in the same Redditch road on the same night between 8pm and 9pm.

Another property had a kitchen window smashed and the criminals took a television before making off and leaving the back door wide open, and a third had the board covering their kitchen window broken before wine and food was stolen from their freezer.

Anyone with information or who saw anything can contact police on 101, quoting reference 0713s140317 or 0278s170317.