September 24th, 2016

A plane-ly amazing shot

A plane-ly amazing shot A plane-ly amazing shot

WHILE the majority of us were sleeping at 4.30am last Saturday morning (August 1), Shari Black Velvet managed to capture this stunning image which literally is a once in a blue moon opportunity.

Shari, who produces Black Velvet, a free online rock music magazine, was up working late when she stumbled across a social media post from a friend reminding her that a ‘blue moon’ would appear in the night’s sky that evening.

After getting out of bed, the Redditch resident captured the lunar treat, which won’t grace the skies again until January 31 2018, and after zooming in was stunned to see she had caught a plane in the shot.

“I’ve never taken a photo of the moon with a plane in front so I was quite excited,” said Shari.

A blue moon is when a full moon occurs twice in one month.