September 25th, 2016

Appeal made in Redditch an Alcester for toiletries for troops

Appeal made in Redditch an Alcester for toiletries for troops Appeal made in Redditch an Alcester for toiletries for troops
Updated: 2:43 pm, Jun 02, 2016

AN APPEAL has been made for Redditch and Alcester residents’ help in getting toiletries and other items for injured servicemen and women.

The plea comes from Pamela Eves, the local representative of Troop Aid.

The charity provides ‘grab bags’ for troops who are injured on active service.

Among the items included are hand towels, flannels, towels, flip flops, clean shirts, t-shirts, toothbrushes and toothpaste and shower gel.

Each grab bag costs the charity £30 to put together.

Pamela told The Standard: “As soon as they arrive at the field hospital, they have nothing and this is where we and the grab bags come in.

“The bags are waiting for them on their beds so they have all the essentials they need to make life that little bit more manageable.”

UK forces are currently in action in 22 countries around the World.

“People can have a tendency to forget about those serving when it’s not covered in the news,” said Pamela.

When the wounded return to England, another grab bag is waiting for them containing a mobile phone with £10 worth of credit so the injured can call their loved ones.

Pamela wants people to donate shower gel, stick deodorants, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

And she is hoping groups or businesses will liaise with her to set up drop-off points where people can leave those items if they wish to donate.

“The good thing about Troop Aid is we have no big fancy buildings or massive overheads, all the cash and items donated go straight to where they are most needed – with the injured servicemen and women,” she said.

Pamela is also available to give talks about Troop Aid to any societies, such as WIs, Rotary, Lions and other similar groups.

Email Pam at or call 0121 445 2338.