September 26th, 2016

Batchley youngster flushed with success

Batchley youngster flushed with success Batchley youngster flushed with success

BIG-hearted seven-year-old Joseph Leaver was awash with success after bringing toilet sanitation to communities in six different countries.

The Batchley youngster was inspired by his grandmother who told him about charity toilet twinning and after researching online at the Webheath First School pupil decided to act.

He rang Rob Fieldson, the vicar of St Andrews Church in Barnt Green, where his mum Katie helps with the music, and asked if he could fund raise for the cause – after giving a talk on toilet twinning to the congregation.

“He stood up in church and said that if everyone gave 50p he could twin a toilet with community that desperately needed one,” said proud mum Katie.

“Everyone was so taken with the idea that he raised enough for three and a half toilets, so he returned the following week with the intention of making it up to four but in the end raised a total of £360 to pay for six.”

It means that the funds raised by the congregation of St Andrew’s will pay for toilets in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, India, Pakistan, Burundi and Nepal.

“I think a lot of people hadn’t heard of this charity yet it is such a fabulous little way to help because so many people don’t realise the problems caused by poor sanitation and how it affects people’s health,” said Katie.

Last Sunday Joseph proudly presented the Toilet Twinning certificates to the Rev Fieldson and church warden Dorothy Young.

“I wanted to do something to help children who are not as lucky as I am,” said Joseph. “I want to encourage lots of people to twin their toilets too – it really makes a difference. Visit for more information.”