September 24th, 2016

Beagle Bob’s weighty slimming challenge

Beagle Bob’s weighty slimming challenge Beagle Bob’s weighty slimming challenge

A BULGING Beagle from Greenlands will be battling the bulge in the hope of being crowned the UK’s pet slimmer of the year.

Tipping the scales at 26kg (four stone), 12-year-old Bob is 36 percent overweight and is one of the contestants in the 2015 PDSA Pet Fit Club.

Bob was rescued after spending his first ten years on the streets of Romania but since his arrival on English shores, he’s hardly ever walked and tucked into human food.

Poor old Bob was then given back to the shelter after understandably becoming unwell and weighing 40kg (six stone).

But a second rescue came in February when Kate Hazzard-Smith adopted the huge hound and has since helped him to slim down.

She said: “He has already lost loads of weight. He is a bin-raider and there is absolutely nothing he doesn’t like – even courgettes!”

Bob will now go head-to-head with 16 other supersized pets in the national pet slimming competition which will see the animals follow a specially-tailored diet and excercise plan, prepared by PDSA nurses and vets, for six months.

“We are really determined,” Kate added. “If he is slimmer he will be fitter and we want him around for a long time yet.”