September 25th, 2016

Bella, six, on a tidy-up mission

Bella, six, on a tidy-up mission Bella, six, on a tidy-up mission
Updated: 10:17 am, May 07, 2015

A MINI eco-warrior has been patrolling the streets of Crabbs Cross in the form of six-year-old Bella Williams.

The youngster decided to take matters into her own hands after witnessing litter piling up on the path near to her house in Boultons Lane.

She spent a day during the Christmas school holidays outside with her dad Brett collecting a total of 100 items and has plans to repeat the task in different places across the area.

Her mom Liz Forletta-Williams told the Standard: “We always go for a little walk and Bella thought the path was a mess and went out with her dad one day in the holidays.

“She collected 100 items and her dad gave her a penny for each picture. Bella was really excited and has already seen another area she wants to clean up.

“She said she is really happy she did it. I feel if Bella’s hard work is noticed by other children and members of the public it may encourage them to keep the area clean and tidy themselves.”

Peter Brown, waste management officer for Redditch Borough Council, added: “Bella is a star for litter picking over the Christmas holidays and a fabulous role model for everyone young and old.

“We would encourage all residents to follow Bella’s lead and ‘love where you live’.”

He said anyone inspired by Bella could call 01527 881188 for more information and to be supplied with the necessary equipment.