September 23rd, 2016

Dr Jonathan Wells’: tackling diabetes is key focus for NHS

Dr Jonathan Wells’: tackling diabetes is key focus for NHS Dr Jonathan Wells’: tackling diabetes is key focus for NHS
Dr Jonathan Wells, who is helping to lead the project for Redditch and Bromsgrove Clinical Commissioning Group.
Updated: 5:01 pm, Nov 15, 2015

THE number of people with diabetes in the UK is growing, especially those with Type 2 diabetes, and tackling the condition has become a key focus for the NHS.

Here in Worcestershire, NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG is working to enable patients to take better control and self-manage their condition through a range of different types of education.

Once a person has been told they have diabetes, they will receive support and advice from their GP or Practice Nurse and will be offered access to a new online educational tool called Mapmydiabetes.

Post diagnosis, all patients will also be able to attend First Steps at a local venue – this is a group-based session to learn more about their condition, led by a diabetes nurse or dietician. This will provide the patient with information about diabetes and the options available in the county.

Following this initial educational session, patients will then be offered a number of options to manage their condition:

X-pert diabetes – Further educational classroom based sessions each week for six weeks.

Mapmydiabetes – Online structured education offering learning resources for patients to use plus a connection to the patient’s local GP or Practice Nurse.

Self-directed learning – Information from Diabetes UK.

Individual support – From the patients GP or Practice Nurse.

By working through the above with their GP or Practice Nurse, patients will be in a much better position to successfully manage and control their diabetes.

Patients who are already living with Type 2 diabetes can also speak to their GP or Practice Nurse and get access to the new online educational service.

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