September 27th, 2016

Friends hit the small screen

Friends hit the small screen Friends hit the small screen
Updated: 10:00 am, May 07, 2015

FRIENDS from Redditch hit the small screen in a bid to find their perfect partner.

Will Parker, Chris Hatton and Aaron Geohagen appeared on Monday’s episode (October 27) of Dapper Laughs On The Pull where internet personality Dapper Laughs attempted to help them with their chat-up techniques.

The three were taken down to London and quizzed about their previous efforts to approach women, introduced to Crystal Palace cheerleaders and then went on a night out in Shoreditch to use their new-found confidence.

Will, aged 24 and from Matchborough, told the Standard he had seen an advert for the show on Dapper Laughs’ Facebook page and had asked his friends Chris and Aaron – both 22 and from Headless Cross and Woodrow respectively – to join him once he had successfully applied.

“We were a bit nervous at first because they didn’t tell us what was going on at all, all we knew was it was a show about pulling. I’m not sure if it’s helped me, maybe more because I’ve now got an opening line because I’ve been on a night out with Dapper Laughs.”

The show is available to view on ITV Player online.