September 25th, 2016

It’s ‘ripping the heart out of Redditch’: watch the tearful address of Save the Alex chairman

Updated: 9:07 am, Nov 06, 2015

PROTESTERS fear the closure of the town’s maternity unit could be the difference between life and death for mothers to be in Redditch.

Banners were flying high outside the Alexandra Hospital yesterday (Thursday) as Save The Alex campaigners held a vigil and called for the decision to close the maternity unit to be reversed.

Its chairman Neal Stote gave a tearful address to the assembled throng accusing the board of ‘ripping the heart out of Redditch’.

Expectant mothers were concerned they would not have the time or the means to get to Worcester, Warwick or Birmingham.

Nikki Wnuk, of Wirehill, said: “I had my two children here and the first was really scary. If this hospital wasn’t here and it happened now I dread to think what would happen.

“I was planning to have another child but now I’m too scared.”

She was one of many concerned the A and E department would be next.

“The time it takes to get from Redditch to Worcester could be the difference between life or death especially if you have a pregnancy with complications,”

Helen Grant, of Oakenshaw South, said: “I had my children here and had lots of problems and the midwives were brilliant.

“What the board have done here is just wrong.”

Others feared that imminent roadworks on the M5 and M42 will make a journey almost impossible for mothers in labour.

Emma Eden said: “I’m seven months pregnant and planned to have my baby here.

“I had my consultation here just the other day and they wouldn’t answer any of my questions about what was going on.

“I can’t enjoy the rest of my pregnancy anymore because I am just terrified. I had so many problems with my last child I’m scared what will happen now.”

You can watch the Standard’s interview with Neal here: