September 24th, 2016

Karen Lumley MP voices shock at rise in rape cases

Karen Lumley MP voices shock at rise in rape cases Karen Lumley MP voices shock at rise in rape cases
Updated: 10:20 am, Aug 04, 2015

REDDITCH MP Karen Lumley has spoken of her shock at statistics that show that reported rape cases over the last 12 months in the West Mercia Police region are at a level of nearly 700, compared to just under 400 for the previous year.

The figures were revealed by force Chief Constable David Shaw at a Crime Panel meeting last week.

One of the reasons he said may be the ‘Savile effect’ of people being more willing to come forward with their experiences as victims of sexual offences, following the cases of the now infamous TV personality Jimmy Savile.

Another reason could be a general rise that the police have seen in sexually offensive behaviour.

As the Member of Parliament, Mrs Lumley said: “I found these new figures shocking and saddening, and I have taken action to draw these particular local figures to the attention of the Home Secretary Theresa May.

“I have tabled a Parliamentary Question on this subject, asking the Home Secretary what assessment she has made of this situation, and will follow up with questions about what action can be taken.

“This rise in reported rape offences is absolutely unacceptable, and I will do whatever I can as the MP to help stamp out this disgraceful behaviour and ensure that all our citizens are safe on our streets, both in Redditch and all over the UK.

“This is a matter that I will not allow to rest.”

Over the last ten days there have beeen two reported cases of rape in Redditch.