September 28th, 2016

Middle schools ‘very much alive’

Middle schools ‘very much alive’ Middle schools ‘very much alive’
Updated: 10:21 am, May 07, 2015

MIDDLE school headteachers have hit back at claims the town’s three-tier system will be torn up under the new changes.

Tim Jones from Birchensale Middle School, Steve Bond from Woodfield Academy and Clive Leach from Walkwood have all written to The Standard to put their views across following last week’s revelation that two borough schools were altering their age ranges.

Tudor Grange Academy Redditch and Ridgeway Middle School were given the go-ahead by the Regionals Schools Commissioner to become secondary schools – taking in pupils from the ages of 11 up to 16.

The town’s current system has first schools from Year 1 to 4, middle schools from Year 5-8 and high schools up to the age of 16 or older with a sixth form.

They said the three-tier system was and will continue to be ‘alive and kicking’ with 96 per cent of parents declaring they want it to continue.

“Although one pyramid may be impacted by changes to impending school reorganisation, we can assure your readers that Birchensale Middle, Woodfield Academy and Walkwood Middle remain open for business, now and into the future.

“Whilst parents want to send their children to a successful school with a history of preparing them for the next stage in their education, in a caring environment, we will continue to give them the opportunity to do so.”

They added they believed middle schools were the central ground in the education process, with opportunities for flexibility to meet the needs of pupils.

“Middle schools in Redditch remain vibrant and very much alive. As previously stated, we are open for business now and for the years ahead and we will continue to serve and support the children and parents of Redditch, who ultimately will choose

their favoured system.”

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