September 27th, 2016

People power gets safety measures

People power gets safety measures People power gets safety measures
Updated: 9:49 am, May 07, 2015

SAFETY improvements have been introduced for Studley pupils.

Thanks to the efforts of the Studley Improvement Partnership, railings have been installed outside the village’s Community Infants School by Warwickshire County Council.

An extra lollipop crossing person has also been hired to patrol the High Street, with the new person set to start soon after the normal employment checks have taken place.

Coun Clive Rickhards, who has been working with wife Maureen and Coun Hazel Wright on the measures, said the partnership had come about because a grandfather realised how heavy the traffic was along the High Street when taking his grandchildren to school and approached them about it.

“We started campaigning and had a meeting with county officers who applied the criteria and agreed it qualified as it is busy enough and dangerous enough.” he said.

“Another measure we were campaigning for was railing outside the school so if pupils come running out they have something safe that can hold them back.”