September 28th, 2016

Peter Jewell – there is a case for proportional representation

Updated: 3:39 pm, May 12, 2015

Ukip candidate Peter Jewell said whatever happens tonight the party were making headway.

“We had three per cent last time and If we continue on that with growth, for a party that is relatively new we will be making headways, like we have been doing for the past five years.”

“Nationally, I have always said Lib Dems would be wiped out, especially since Clegg went back on his promise to lower tuition fees. But if we get anything above 15 per cent, I think we have done well.

“It is 2.30am and if what gets declared nationally is 4 million voters and we get two seats then there is an issue with proportional representation and that means the people are not getting what they are voting for.”

Ukip candidate Peter Jewell waits for the result. Photo by Marcus Mingins 2015004MMR6