September 24th, 2016

Plenty of reasons for a celebration

Plenty of reasons for a celebration Plenty of reasons for a celebration

IT WAS a celebration of achievement and friendship at Terry Spring Court recently when members of a Dementia Action Group came together to mark its second anniversary.

Redditch and Bromsgrove Friends Together celebrated the occasion with tea, coffee and a birthday cake during their usual weekly meeting and reminisced about all that they have achieved over the last two years.

“It’s all about having fun,” said Jan Little, group facilitator. “We work hard and play hard.”

Funded by the Alzeihemer’s Society, Friends Together aim to provide support whilst finding ways to improve services and attitudes towards people suffering from dementia.

One innovation of which they are particularly proud is the Gratitude Card.

Rather like a business card, it can be presented to individuals who group members feel have had a positive impact on their day.

During the meeting Jan added that, despite many companies pledging to be Dementia Friendly, some members of the group have had unpleasant experiences in the town centre.

She went to recall how one member was asked if they knew how to read when they could not remember the name of an item they were trying to buy.

Another was told ‘we don’t sell thingies here’ after they referred to a slice of cake as such because they had forgotten the word ‘cake’.

“People in the community have forgotten how to treat each other,” said Jan. “This is our way to thank people.”