September 23rd, 2016

Police probe posts of man UKIP threw out

Police probe posts of man UKIP threw out Police probe posts of man UKIP threw out
Updated: 10:02 am, May 07, 2015

A COUNCILLOR booted out by UKIP just days after being elected over racist and homophobic comments is being investigated by police.

Dave Small was expelled by the party on Wednesday (May 28) after revelations about postings he made on Facebook branding gay people perverts and containing offensive and derogatory terms aimed at Asian people and Muslims.

He was only elected to the Church Hill seat on Redditch Borough Council last Friday (May 23) but the postings emerged just minutes after the result was announced.

At least two complaints are known to have been made to police who confirmed they were investigating a man for alleged racist comments on Facebook.

Although UKIP have now removed Mr Small from the party, he still intends to sit as an independent councillor.

Speaking to the Standard the 81-year-old said he would not apologise.

“I was down as a UKIP member and they voted for UKIP but I did the canvasing in Church Hill, gave them all letters and leaflets, and I spoke to them all as an individual. I feel they voted for the individual.” he said.

“I will still represent them [the people of Redditch] and do my best for them. And I am sorry if some of my remarks were taken out of context.”

He added: “I would apologise but I was educated during the war where we were all taught to hate foreigners. In the National Service in 1951 we were all taught to hate the Russians and everybody. It was embedded into me as a young boy.”

He said the onus was on foreign residents to integrate into Britain.

“But they come in and they don’t want to integrate. The West Indians do. They have the same sense of humour, I get on well with them. But Asians don’t.

“The Asians who are invited here by the Government, that’s OK, they have been invited to stay. But all those illegals shouldn’t.”

His posts include one on June 3 last year in which musician Sir Elton John and sports presenter Clare Balding OBE are branded perverts for getting their ‘jollies in such disgusting ways’. He later adds they should not be allowed to marry and should go back into the closet.

In others he accuses Muslim immigrants of increasing TB levels in Britain to epidemic proportions and complains he cannot use the ‘P’ word to refer to Pakistanis.

UKIP councillor Stuart Cross, who represents Redditch South, has already called for Mr Small to resign while fellow UKIP councillor Peter Bridle, who represents Arrow Valley East, added: “I certainly do not agree with anything Mr Small has said and no reasonable, decent, member of UKIP would agree with any of it, at all.”