September 26th, 2016

Police target nuisance cars

Police target nuisance cars Police target nuisance cars
Updated: 10:10 am, May 07, 2015

SPEEDING cars, drivers revving their engines and music blasting from stereos have all been made a police priority in Alcester.

The decision by Warwickshire Police follows concerns from the community about anti-social behaviour, particularly around the Conway Estate and at Hopkins Precinct.

At least six complaints were reported over the space of three days last week (September 15 to 17) about cars seen racing around the area, skidding along the roads and being a general nuisance by playing loud music and revving their engines.

All the incidents happened between 8.45pm and 10pm and involved a black Ford Fiesta, silver Peugeot and another yellow car.

PC Peter Essex, beat manager for Alcester South Safer Neighbourhood Team, said residents had the chance to vote for three issues which they wanted police to make a priority at the last community forum meeting.

“They wanted us to look at the issues of anti-social behaviour and speeding cars in particular.

“It can be a nuisance for residents and some will find it intimidating which we can appreciate.” he said.

“We are looking into the situation and we will be spending some time in the area.”

He added he needed residents to report the incidents immediately on 101 and urged them to try and take down vehicle registration numbers as well.