September 25th, 2016

Redditch haulage boss hits out at Calais migrant chaos

Redditch haulage boss hits out at Calais migrant chaos Redditch haulage boss hits out at Calais migrant chaos

THE general manager of Redditch-based transport and logistics company Transmec UK has called for urgent action to tackle the migrant crisis in Calais which is leaving truck drivers as “sitting ducks”.

John Simkins fears that a driver could be injured or even killed if the EU fails to take action to deal with the worsening situation at the French port.

Around 25 Transmec trucks have been affected by blockades by striking MyFerryLink workers. Other trucks en-route to Calais have been told to stop and await further instructions.

Drivers stuck in Calais have expressed fears for their own personal safety with migrants attempting to take advantage of the queues and board trucks.

Mr Simkins said: “As a company that have been operating trucks around Europe for many years, the issue of migrants attempting to access trailers in and around the Calais area is nothing new. However, since the beginning of the year the situation has progressively deteriorated.

“The last two weeks have seen unprecedented levels of attempted entry onto trailers, damage to trucks and physical intimidation to drivers. The strike by the MyFerryLink workers and the blockades they have built on the main road leaves the drivers and their trucks as ‘sitting ducks’.

“The French authorities clearly had a no arrest policy and the migrants are playing a game of cat and mouse with the French police who cannot cope.”

“Drivers who are in the queue are seriously worried and are witnessing gangs of migrants roaming from truck to truck, some armed with knives deciding on their next move. I fear that it is only a matter of time before a driver is dragged from his truck and beaten or, even worse, killed.

“The EU must now make a clear decision and stop the internal bickering otherwise there will be tragic consequences.”