September 30th, 2016

Roaming Redditch rats are a menace claims shop owner

Roaming Redditch rats are a menace claims shop owner Roaming Redditch rats are a menace claims shop owner
Updated: 10:15 am, May 07, 2015

RATS running around Church Green are driving customers away from a nearby businesses, its owner has claimed.

Sue Stanton from Bridalicious told the Standard rodents were blighting the look of the town centre and she had been offered no help by the council.

After contacting Redditch Borough Council numerous times over the issue, she claimed she was simply given the number for a pest control company who told her she would have to pay for them to come out.

“When I spoke to the council they said they were not aware of the problem. I asked her why I was paying my rates when they were doing nothing about it and she couldn’t answer the question.

“People don’t want to come into the shop when rats are jumping around, it’s not nice.

“When I explained the situation to pest control they said it was pointless phoning the telephone number the council had given me. The only way they’d come out was if I signed a contract and footed the bill, I don’t feel it is my responsibility to do that.”

A Redditch Borough Council spokeswoman said they had met with the Town Centre Partnership, Coun Alan Mason and an environmental health officer from Worcestershire Regulatory Services this week to look at pest control options in Church Green.

“Regulatory services will be advising Redditch Borough Council in due course and we will act upon any recommendations with regard to what actions we can take to decrease the number of rodents in the area.

“The council, in conjunction with Coun Mason and the Town Centre Partnership, will also be working with market stall holders and local businesses to keep the area clean and tidy which will also improve the situation.”