September 30th, 2016

Siblings remembered through heart charity

Updated: 10:04 am, May 07, 2015

SIBLINGS who lost their lives to heart-related conditions are set to be honoured with the renaming of a charity founded by their parents.

Redditch Heart Safe has now become the Charlotte and Craig Saving Hearts Foundation to better reflect the work undertaken by Robert and Maggie Underwood over the last few years.

Since losing Charlotte to sudden arrhythmic death syndrome at the end of 2010, the family have raised money for 45 defibrillators to be installed in a range of locations across the borough including many schools.

Three years after Charlotte passed away, son Craig – who had been a key part of Heart Safe – also lost his life after suffering a dissected thoracic aneurysm.

Now Rob and Maggie are hoping to spread public understanding about what they do with their new name, which was finalised this week.

Rob told the Standard: “We get people asking what it is so we decided to change it so people really know exactly what the charity is doing.”

He added they were also hoping to do more fund-raising to enable residents to get screened for heart conditions, with the possibility of a separate fund being set up for donations towards the £3,500 cost of 100 screenings.

Funding from the British Heart Foundation is also enabling them to start offering Call Push Rescue sessions where anyone can go along and learn how to do CPR as well as use a defibrillator.

Maggie added: “The reason for the name change is that saving a cardiac arrest victim saves a heart, which in turn saves a family’s heartbreak. Also to make it more personal to us, keeping Charlotte and Craig’s memories alive and a legacy for their brothers and sisters.”