September 27th, 2016

Stables bid goes in

Stables bid goes in Stables bid goes in

AN application to build a stable block for 20 horses and a track to access gallops at Lodge Hill in Shelfield is to be considered by Stratford district council planners.

A further proposal would see the construction of a new building consisting of 11 rooms of staff accommodation, parking, and facilities including space for tack cleaning, lecture room and first aid rooms.

Both proposals have been lodged by Dan Skelton Racing which runs the farm as a race horsing enterprise, however the site lies in open countryside within the Green Belt and objections have been raised by Great Alne parish council.

The company currently stables 62 horses there and the parish council fears an increase in traffic volume, and have raised concerns over its environmental impact.

They also say the sheer scale of business will become excessive and have voiced fears over its impact on the Green Belt.

Both applications are recommended for approval, the second one with conditions, and will be heard by the district next Wednesday, November 18.