September 24th, 2016

Teen devastated after BMX stolen in Batchley

Teen devastated after BMX stolen in Batchley Teen devastated after BMX stolen in Batchley

A TEEN has been left devastated after his prized BMX was stolen as he paid a visit to a friend in Batchley.

Fifteen-year-old Antony Pallett left the matte black bicycle outside of the house on Batchley Road on July 13 but it was stolen at some point between 9pm and 9.30pm.

“I’m really disappointed,” he said. “I usually ride each day but now I’m having to walk everywhere.

“I’m gutted.”

The youngster, who attended Tudor Grange Academy, is a bike enthusiast and used to practice stunts on his Radio Valac model in Astwood Bank alongside his friends who all also have BMX’s.

“All his mates still go and he just walks there and watches,” said Antony’s grandmother, Jillian Pallett. “He is absolutely upset – he is now the only one without a bike.”

Mrs Pallett added how over the last two years for his birthday and for Christmas her grandson had only asked for the money in his cards to help him save for the BMX, which is worth £280.

Antony had been staying with his grandparents in Lodge Park before biking to Batchley to see his friend, where he left the bike outside the house on an insecured grass area.

“I can’t help but feel distressed that it happened when he was on our watch,” Mrs Pallett added.

Anyone with any information on the bike, which has black handle bars, is asked to call 101 quoting incident 499S of July 14.