September 23rd, 2016

Travellers set up camp in Redditch

Travellers set up camp in Redditch Travellers set up camp in Redditch
Updated: 3:06 pm, Jun 17, 2016

TRAVELLERS have set up an illegal encampment on a field in Redditch which is owned by the council and was securely locked.

The caravans and vehicles were spotted on the field on Throckmorton Road on Tuesday (June 14) and some residents said they could be the same group which was moved on from the Oakalls in Bromsgrove on Monday (June 13).

The caravans and cars have spread across the field and concerns are growing for the condition the grounds will be left in once they have gone.

It is unclear how the group got onto the field which is thought to have been securely locked but police have said there is no evidence they have caused any damage to the area.

“It is a problem when the travelling community settle on private property as it does cause disruption in the area,” Councillor Joe Baker, (Lab Greenlands)said.

“It does belong to the council and you wouldn’t be able to set up on someone’s driveway so the rules have to be followed.

“The issue is being dealt with swiftly.”

Inspector Darren Webster of Redditch police said they were prepared to deal with any antisocial behaviour and criminality should it arise.

“We are aware of the travellers currently on the council owned playing fields on Throckmorton Road. Our officers have been down to speak to them and will continue to work on resolving the situation through the usual process as soon as possible,”A Redditch Borough Council spokesperson said.