September 26th, 2016

Twin town trip for couple

Twin town trip for couple Twin town trip for couple
Updated: 4:01 pm, Jul 03, 2015

A REDDITCH couple will be reinforcing links with twin town Mtwara later this month when they jet out to the Indian Ocean coast of Tanzania.

Jackie and David Morgan will be part of a party flying out and taking with them the best wishes of the people of Redditch.

With them will be a consignment of goodies from a microscope and laptop to school books and polo shirts for football as they take the road south from the capital, Dar es Salaam, to the settlement.

The two towns have been twinned since 1985 and to mark the 30th anniversary the Morgans will be taking with them a specially engraved silver salver to be placed in the Mtwara town hall.

“We have built up friendships with people out there over the years and they have visited us here in Redditch,” said Jackie.

The Friends operate through Redditch One World Link cementing the connection through student sponsorships, schools and exchange visits.

“Being linked to a town like Mtwara really broadens the horizon,” said Jackie, “when people here think they are not well off they ought to see how they cope over there.”

The party will also be taking with them a quantity of money raised through the Friends to help with the education of children in Mtwara where they have to pay for a secondary school education.

• All being well, we’ve asked Jackie and David to write a weekly diary for us and if the world wide web holds up, we hope to print it while they are away.