September 29th, 2016

Village calls for action as speed measures fail

Village calls for action as speed measures fail Village calls for action as speed measures fail
Updated: 9:59 am, May 07, 2015

EXCESSIVE speeding and crashes are continuing in Feckenham despite safety measures being put in place.

Now villagers and politicians are calling for more to be done to combat continued problems with motorists breaking the speed limit and collisions along the main road through the village.

Mobile speed checks are regularly carried out in the area and there are speed restriction signs in place but both have failed to tackle the situation.

Parish councillors were set to discuss the feasibility of installing pinch points on the High Street to slow down drivers, at a meeting last night (Thursday).

Ahead of the meeting, parish council chairman Rhys Williams told the Standard: “We have continued to have problems with speeding in the village, the issues are centred around the High Street and there have been a couple of accidents there recently.

“It just lends itself to speeding as it is a long, straight Roman road which goes downhill through the village.”

Rebecca Blake, Labour Parliamentary spokeswoman for Redditch, has also got involved after it was repeatedly raised while talking to residents on the doorsteps in Feckenham.

She has written to Worcestershire County Council calling on them to take action but said she was unhappy with their response.

“There have been numerous accidents, in particular along the B4090 and the measures taken to date have not solved the problem.” she said.

“Worcestershire County Council do not have to re-create the wheel, simply look at areas of best practice and replicate them. Just next door in Warwickshire, the county council has reduced speeds along over 100 local roads. We also know pinch points slow speeding traffic and this would be a welcome solution along the B4090 in Feckenham for local people.”

A spokesman for Worcestershire County Council said: “We are currently looking into this situation as a matter of course.”

However, in a letter to Ms Blake, network control manager Sally Everest said any concerns relating to excessive traffic speeds within the village should be raised directly with the Safer Roads Partnership not the council.