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All Skill Books and Their Effects in Season of Discovery Phase 2

Redditch Editorial 11th Apr, 2024   0

A new mechanism called Skill Books is added to World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2. It enhances the Rune system that was first introduced in the game mode’s first phase. If you are new to this change in the game, then keep reading this post. This article contains a detailed list of all skill books and their effects in WoW SoD Phase 2.

How to Get All the Skill Books in WoW SoD Phase 2

All 13 of WoW SoD’s Skill Books can be found in dungeons with five players that are level 30 or higher. These include Razorfen Downs, Scarlet Monastery, and Uldaman. In World of Warcraft, bosses and rare elites in the Library, Graveyard, Cathedral, Armory, and other areas of the Scarlet Monastery can drop each book. Bosses and elites in Uldaman and Razorfen Downs can also drop books. You may need to conquer several dungeons before you will receive a skill book, as they are not guaranteed drops. We’ll go over each Class Skill Book below and explain how to get them, as well as whatever Ability or Spell they provide or improve for the class.


The Soul Harvesting and the Portal of Summoning are the two spellbooks available to warlocks. Generally, summoning other players can yield a decent income, while also saving you from expending shards with each summon. However, opting to buy WoW SoD gold can provide a smoother path to wealth accumulation compared to this method.

Soul Harvesting Spell gives Warlock a chance to gain an additional Soul Shard every time he uses Drain Soul. This chance increases each time the Warlock does not get a Soul Shard. Find a Grimoire of Portal of Summoning to get the Portal of Summoning Spell. Find a Grimoire of Soul Harvesting to get the Soul Harvesting Spell.


Druids are among the select few who have received three Class Skill Books, which will significantly improve the quality of life for any Druid Player:

  • Deeper Wilds — This spell reduces the Mark of the Wild cost by 50% while increasing its duration by 50%.
  • Enhanced Restoration — By purchasing this Spell Book, you will get the ability to increase your Regrowth and Rejuvenation on a target that has already been afflicted by them by another Druid.
  • Revive — This spell grants your character the ability to revive other players. This is a fantastic quality-of-life change since Druids could only use their ‘Combat Ress’ in Classic and did not have access to the ordinary resurrection spell.

To obtain the Deeper Wilds spell, you must defeat rare elite creatures or bosses in any of the Scarlet Monastery dungeons located in Tirisfal Glades until the Deeper Wilds Leaf is obtained. Likewise, you can get the Enhanced Restoration spell until you get the Leaflet of Enhanced Restoration and Revive until you get the Leaflet of Revive.


We have one Skill Book for Hunters, called Aspect of the Viper. This Aspect causes you to restore 10% of your mana pool every three seconds. Additionally, your ranged and melee auto-attacks will replenish your mana. However, this comes at the cost of losing 10% of the total damage done while this Aspect is active. To get Aspect of the Viper spell you need to loot a Treatise on Aspect of the Viper.


Mages have improved their quality of life (QoL) by enhancing Arcane Intellect. Expanded Intellect — this spell decreases Arcane Intellect’s mana cost by 50% while increasing its duration by 50%. To get Expanded Intellect, you need to loot a Tome of Expanded Intellect.


Paladin’s skill book increases by boosting Blessings. Enhanced Blessings — this spell reduces the mana cost of all of your Blessings by 50% while increasing the duration of Wisdom, Blessing of Might, Sanctuary, Salvation, Light, and Kings by 100%. To get Enhanced Blessings you need to loot a Tome of Testament of Enhanced Blessings.


For Priest, we have most likely mandatory Increased Fortitude and Shadowfiend Spells.

  • Increased Fortitude — With this spell, you will have the mana cost reduced and the duration increased by 50% for your Fortitude buff.
  • Shadowfiend — Casting this spell summons a Shadowfiend for 15 seconds. Every time it hits a target, you gain 5% of your mana pool.

To get these spell books you need to loot a Scroll of Increased Fortitude and Scroll of Shadowfiend.


Rogues gain Redirect, a useful skill for leveling or in PvP when a target is about to die. This skill consumes Combo Points. Once used, it will save all of your Combo Points earned on a single target for 15 seconds. You will receive an Aura to tell you of this. The Combo Points will be transferred to the next adversary you strike with this ability. To get the Redirect spell book, you need to loot a Manual of Redirect.


The Totemic Projection Spell  was introduced for Shaman. You can move your active totems anywhere within 30 yards with this spell. When you have to shift mob packs, “skill shot” your Fire Nova, or move Earth Bind to kite, this is quite valuable. To get Totemic Projection spell books you need to loot a Revelation of Totemic Projection.


Last but not least, Warriors gain a new ability, Command Shout, which grants additional stamina to everyone in the group. To get the Commanding Shout Spell, loot a Handbook of Commanding Shout.


We believe that these Class Skill Books are a positive step forward for Season of Discovery. Aside from Runes, these kinds of adjustments make us believe that Blizzard is working hard on this and wants to get it right. Being able to work around these little adjustments is what it means to properly develop your character, and we believe that these Class Skill Books are ideal for particular classes.

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