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Best Neurological Rehabilitation Centers: Peculiarities of Rehabilitation Programs

Redditch Editorial 8th Apr, 2022   0

The neurological rehabilitation carried out in the specialized medical centers is perhaps one of the most striking examples of a fruitful combination of modern medical technology and meticulous work of qualified personnel. It is important to find a healthcare facility with updated equipment and comprehensive rehabilitation regimens.

What is neurological rehabilitation?

Neurological rehabilitation is carried out for brain injuries, as well as for injuries of spinal cord, stroke and other conditions. The best rehabilitation centers offer modern, proven, and safe rehabilitation procedures.

Individual comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation programs are developed for each patient. They combine administration of medications and non-drug approaches. However, the best results are achieved when neurological rehabilitation is complemented by medication therapy that enhances nervous system restoration.

The therapeutic schemes are supplemented by a complex of measures aimed at social, psychological and professional adaptation. Methods of physical therapy (massage, kinesiotherapy, reflexology), psychotherapy, therapeutic exercise, therapy for cognitive restoration, and speech therapy are used for this purpose.

Specialists at the best neurological rehabilitation centers use modern medical equipment and rehabilitation methods. Clinical trials are also constantly being conducted, allowing neurologists and neurosurgeons to deepen their knowledge in this field and use it to treat patients.

How to choose a hospital for rehabilitation?

There are several main criteria for choosing a rehabilitation hospital. The most important among them is what rehabilitation program includes, which success rate it has and how it is carried out.

The next is the price of the treatment. Here you should also take into account what the total cost of rehabilitation includes and the overall price-quality ratio.

One more factor is the comfort level. This includes the comfort of hospital stay for people with specific needs, transport accessibility, convenient accommodation for accompanying people, etc. If a patient is a child, parents must have an option of participation in the rehabilitation process.

To find the best neurological rehabilitation centers, visit the Booking Health website. Here you will find updated information about treatment options and prices.

Rehabilitation after COVID-19

Rehabilitation after COVID-19 is a separate area of rehabilitative medicine. Coronavirus infection most often affects the lungs, but it can also affect other organs and systems. Many patients experience neurological symptoms, including lost smell and taste, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and psychomotor agitation. Orthopedic disorders caused by COVID-19 include muscle weakness, limitations of mobility, pain in the limbs, and joint pain.

With that said, rehabilitation programs for patients who tolerated COVID-19 include measures to improve physical strength and endurance, psychotherapeutic measures to improve psychological health, therapy to overcome neurological disorders, etc. Physicians carefully monitor health changes during rehabilitation in order to adjust the program timely.

Undergoing neurological rehabilitation during a lockdown

The importance of timely neurological rehabilitation often doesn’t get enough attention, although it is essential for recovery after various diseases. During a lockdown, you still can go abroad to treat life-threatening conditions or receive rehabilitation services.

The international medical tourism provider Booking Health will take upon treatment organization from advice on choosing a rehabilitation center to helping you get a visa, book airline tickets, accommodations, transfers, etc. Compliance of the company’s quality of work with high international standards is confirmed by the prestigious ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.

Booking Health works with people from 75 countries and is ready to answer your question right now! All you need to do is fill in the request form on the Booking Health website and wait for a medical advisor to contact you.


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