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Double Glazed Windows: UK Prices 2023

Redditch Editorial 25th Oct, 2023 Updated: 25th Oct, 2023   0

As homeowners across the UK aim to curtail their rising utility bills, transitioning to an environmentally conscious lifestyle has become a widespread effort. One such important avenue is through improving the energy efficiency of our homes, and what better way than to start with the fundamentals, like our windows.

Double glazed windows are an innovative and effective solution to prevent draught and improve home insluation that has pretty much become a standard across the country. Over 87% of UK homes are now fully implemented with double glazed windows, drastically improving the ability of homes to retain their indoor temperatures.

Curious to find out more? Join us as we break down the associated benefits, and costs of replacing your household windows with these effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

What are double glazed windows?

Double glazed windows feature an innovate design that maximises insulation and temperature balance within your home. It features two glass panes with a vacuum of air in between, acting as an insulated barrier. More effective double glazed windows feature argon gas in the vacuum instead of air, which is far more effective in blocking heat from dissipating.

The window frames themselves come in several different options, such as uPVC, aluminium or traditional wood. To best maximise the energy efficiency of these windows, it is strongly advised to opt for the more robust options such as aluminium or uPVC.

Advantages of double glazed windows

  • Improved home insulation 

Double glazed windows are impressive in their ability to retain the internal temperature of a home. As the air pocket in between the two glass panes is poor at conducting heat, this helps drastically reduce the amount of heat your home loses through the windows. With argon gas instead of air, this efficiency is even further increased.

  • Reduced utility bills

As your homes internal temperature is more constantly maintained, your energy system has less reasons to operate all the time in an attempt to regulate temperature. As a result, far less use of heating will mean more money in your pockets!

  • A safer home

Double glazed windows are far more robust and secure than their single glazed counterparts. These windows are quite resistant to breakages and can be enhanced even further by opting for security glass options. With an additional frame from a sturdy material such as aluminium, you can take comfort in the heightened security of your home.

  • Noise reduction

Double glazed windows can especially come in handy if you live in a busy or loud area. In fact, these windows are capable of blocking out up to 60% of outside noise, creating a more relaxed atmosphere in your home.

  • Reduced carbon footprint

Last but not least, double glazed windows help you live a more sustainable life by reducing your carbon footprint. By opting for high efficient double glazed windows, your household will observe significant long-term reductions in emissions, as well as utility bills.

Double glazed window costs

There are many factors that can affect the cost of double glazed windows, such as your choice of glass, air or argon gas vacuum, choice of frame, and how many windows you need the glass for. Nevertheless, here are some estimate ranges for double glazing prices UK:

  • Flat/apartment (4-5 windows) – £2,200 to £7,600
  • Small house (8-9 windows) – £4,500 to £13,500
  • Medium house (10-12 windows – £5,600 to £18,000
  • Large house (15-18 windows) – £8,400 to £27,200

As you can see, the price range is quite wide as there are several factors that play into the final price. To receive a more accurate, property based quote price, it is strongly recommended to consult with a professional window installer in your area who can assess your property and specific needs.

Despite the potential hefty investment that double glazed windows require, their remarkable robustness, minimal needs of repair, and a lifespan of 20 years or more make them a very beneficial addition to your home. The increased efficiency will ultimately result in drastically reduced energy bills.

The verdict

With nearly 90% of the UK putting their trust in double glazed windows, theres very little doubt left over their reliability and effectiveness. Impressive temperature and noise insulation, enhanced home security, decades long lifespan and high energy efficiency make double glazed windows a remarkably efficient investment for your home.

Like all investments, it is recommended to consult with a licensed professional installer in your area who may assess your property and desires to give you the most accurate quote price. Already interested? Find out more about double glazing prices UK.

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