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Exploring the Top Casual Games of 2023

Redditch Editorial 24th Jan, 2023   0

Exploring the Top Casual Games of 2023

As technology advances, so does the gaming industry. From virtual reality to open-world games, there’s something for everyone in this ever-growing market. But one of the most popular genres remains casual gaming – games that are easy to pick up and play without diving deep into a complex storyline or learning how to master complicated controls.

In 2023, we can expect some amazing new casual games that will keep us entertained for hours on end. Here is an exploration of what these top casual games may look like and why they are sure to be hit with gamers worldwide!

Candy Crush

One of the most anticipated releases for 2023 is a new version of the classic Candy Crush franchise. This game will bring its signature bright colors and easy-to-learn gameplay to phones and tablets, as well as consoles and PCs. With more levels, additional power-ups, and even a multiplayer mode, this game promises to be one of the most popular casual games of the year.

Google Play: 4.6/5

App Store: 4.7/5


Minecraft Dungeons

Another title to keep an eye out for is the multiplayer game Minecraft Dungeons by Mojang Studios. This game takes the classic block-building style of Minecraft and adds a more intense dungeon-crawling experience. Players can team up with friends or play alone as they battle monsters, collect loot, and explore expansive levels. With its easy-to-learn controls and endless possibilities, Minecraft Dungeons is sure to be one of the top games of 2023.

Google Play: 4.3/5

App Store: 4.9/5


Jackpot party

Another great one is the Jackpot party, which provides an array of free slot machine games for you to explore! With Las Vegas-style graphics, epic sounds, and generous rewards on offer, hours can slip away as you try your luck spinning reels in search of a jackpot. The Jackpot Party free slots also offer plenty of bonus rounds and mini-games, so there’s something here for everyone. Why not take a chance and see if Lady Luck has something special in store for you?

Google Play: 4.6/5

App Store: 4.5/5


New Version of Pacman

Another highly anticipated game that will hit consoles in 2023 is a new version of PacMan. This classic arcade game has been upgraded with modern graphics and features a number of new levels and power-ups. The goal remains the same: players must guide PacMan around the map while collecting as many pellets as possible. With its challenging levels, colorful visuals, and addictive gameplay, PacMan is sure to be a popular choice in 2023.

Google Play: 4.2/5

App Store: 4.3/5


Crossy Road

An additional game to keep an eye out for is the recently announced sequel to the popular Crossy Road. This game takes on a new twist as it challenges players to navigate their way across a variety of obstacles while collecting coins, unlocking characters, and competing against friends. With its fun and intuitive gameplay, Crossy Road 2 promises to be one of the top casual games of 2023.

Google Play: 4.6/5

App Store: 4.7/5


Animal Crossing: New Horizons

One of the biggest surprises of 2023 is sure to be the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This game takes players on a journey to a tropical island, where they can customize their own homes, make friends with adorable animals, and explore the island’s mysteries. With its stress-free gameplay and charming visuals, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is sure to be a popular choice for gamers of all ages.

Google Play: 3.8/5

App Store: 4.8/5


Thetan Rivals

This year’s most popular combat game will be Thetan Rivals. This game aims for the best casual game in 2023, will deliver a unique gaming experience, and be available on all major platforms. Thetan Rivals will feature intense online combat and fast-paced action, as well as a range of customizable characters. Thetan Arena’s players and all the other gamers around the world can access this new game via its launcher on their PC. Additionally, Android users can download it from Google Play while iOS gamers will find it on TestFlight – so everyone get those fingers ready to click that install button as open beta is just around the corner!

Google Play: 4.3/5

App Store: 4.6/5


Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 mustn’t be forgotten, as it was the recipient of The Game Award for Best Mobile Game 2017. This critically acclaimed puzzle game is sure to make waves in 2023 as it returns with its stunning visuals and challenging puzzles. Players will be taken on a peaceful journey as they explore the game’s surrealistic world and complete its mind-bending puzzles. With its beautiful and immersive world, Monument Valley 2 is sure to be one of the most talked-about mobile games in 2023.

Google Play: 4.7/5

App Store: 4.4/5



Last but certainly not least, we have Godus. This new online game is sure to make a splash this year as it combines elements from strategy and city-building games. Players will be tasked with managing a civilization while they build structures, explore the world, and battle against other players or vicious creatures. With its unique, immersive world and engaging gameplay, Godus promises to be an exciting game for players of all ages in 2023.

Google Play: 4.2/5

App Store: 4.5/5


Pocket City

Pocket City is a city-building simulator that allows players to create their own cities. They can design buildings, develop residential and commercial zones, manage resources, and more. The game also features an incredible soundtrack that adds to the atmosphere and helps make Pocket City a must-play game in 2023.

Google Play: 3.8/5

App Store: 4.7/5


So, if you’re looking for great games to play in 2023, then these are the ones you should keep an eye out for. From PacMan and Crossy Road 2 to Godus and Pocket City, the upcoming year looks to be full of exciting new games that will keep players entertained for hours. So, get ready to get your game on!


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