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Guide to the most popular sports to bet on in Ireland

Redditch Editorial 22nd Apr, 2022   0

The Irish are known for their good charms, drinking habits, and their toughness. That being said, the Irish are some of Europe’s betting giants. Today we shall go over what betting is, how to bet on your favourite sports, and the most popular sports the Irish love to bet on. With that let’s get started.

What’s Betting?

Betting essentially is when a player gambles money, possessions, or something valuable on the outcome of a certain match, game, or race. In other words, playing a game of chance in the hopes to gain more money. Although many see betting as purely based on luck many would disagree. Betting is a game of probability. When you bet on a team with a low probability of winning, earnings are usually much more rewarding than something with a high probability of winning. If you have ever watched or heard of the film ‘Moneyball’ you will know that sports games are not based on physical efforts, and players don’t just have good days or bad days.


Moneyball highlights the numbers behind sport to accurately place a player’s performance. Many of the best bettors will use research and recent games to try to predict an outcome of said race, match, etc… Just ask Pete Rose what he thinks about sports betting. That being said there is only so much you can ‘calculate’ as it’s all based on probability. Sports betting can also be seen as just a fun pastime to make games a little more interesting and passionate, this is especially true when you have your reputation and money on the line with some friends.


How To Bet on Irish Sites

Placing bets using Ireland online betting sites doesn’t need to be hard. You must first get started by making a budget for how much you actually want to bet. Players should also look as to what type of bet they would like to place as there are many different types of bets to be placed. We cannot go over them all here, but we recommend sticking to win bets for starters. If you’re interested, it is good to know that there are many sites that are designed to help you find the best legal Irish betting sites. It’s their job to make sure you are protected and get all you need to know about different sportsbooks available and also the latest bonuses and promotions for players to make use of. We highly recommend checking them out!


Most Popular Sports Irish Bet On

Now that we have gone over what betting is and some quick tips on how to bet on Irish sites it’s time to look into some inspiration, such as what sports are most bet on.


Rugby is not only super popular but also among the fastest-growing sports across the Emerald Isle. Rugby is a full-contact sport consisting of 30 players on the field at any given time. The final goal of the game is to score as many points over your rival team through tries, conversions, penalty kicks, and drop goals. Making it not only super fun to watch but also to bet on! The Midland Hurricanes are currently on fire.



Boxing shouldn’t be a surprise nor need an introduction. Being one the most popular sports globally it’s no shocker that boxing is among the most sports being bet on. Boxing is great to bet on as many bookies will offer special bets such as who will be knocked down first and sometimes smaller bets can be placed for a simple bet that someone will get knocked down. Doesn’t sound easy right, consider that the fight is a heavyweight fight where chances are high that a boxer will get knocked down at some point. Just look at the sheer power those boxers throw out when they punch.


Horse Racing

Even the Queen of England enjoys a little horse racing and betting so why shouldn’t you. Horse racing is one of the sports that really popularised the betting industry as we know it today. The most popular are the Cheltenham and the Grand National races. Horse racing can get tense and is some of the most entertaining to watch. Horse racing action happens in bursts meaning that when a race is on there is no time to blink or you will miss some action.



No Irish list will be complete without mentioning football or soccer for the American readers.

The English together with the Irish is massive fans of football. Don’t believe me, just try to hit a local Irish pub on match day. You will probably be struggling to find a quiet pub to sit and enjoy the game. Add some betting in the mix and set for a sure fun atmosphere that can sometimes become overly tense. Nonetheless, this will conclude our list of the most popular sports the Irish enjoys betting on.

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