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How online dating services affect relationships between people

Redditch Editorial 25th Oct, 2023 Updated: 26th Oct, 2023   0

The number of people who are looking for, and most importantly, finding a partner on the Internet, is increasing yearly. Today, online dating has become a familiar part of modern life. On the contrary, offline dating is becoming strange and in some sense, tactless.

However, let’s be realistic. Everything about online dating is not perfect as it seems. Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to meet the right person. Often, attempts to make a new promising acquaintance for days, months, or years do not give any results, thereby turning into an endless routine. Moreover, some people invest a lot of money in online dating, getting into a real addiction to dating services.

Online dating has a very strong influence on our daily lives. Somewhere, this influence is positive and not so much in other places. Let’s try to understand this influence and the changes that web dating has brought to our lives.

Online dating is fundamentally different from offline dating. It affects relationships

Next, we will draw certain parallels between online and offline dating, look for the relationship between them and figure out what is actually better; to get acquainted on the Web or in the real world.

  1. Offline: you might meet people who are approximately the same circle and lifestyle. Usually, these are your new colleagues, friends of friends, mutual acquaintances, and so on. That is people who have more “points of contact” with you in theory. Online, you completely go beyond your circle, you can make new acquaintances with people from other cities, countries, and continents. These are great opportunities for communication. Also, given that you can use fine-grained search settings, you can find potentially more suitable partners on dating sites and apps, as well as in online video chats.
  2. An online personality is often quite different from a real one. We all tend to embellish our image. Someone does it gently and barely noticeably, but others can be dramatically and uncontrollably. As a result, a person, in reality, does not at all correspond to the image that they created on the Web. This applies to character, appearance, and lifestyle. Actually, that is why it is so important to study your new acquaintances on the Internet as best as possible before the first real meeting with them.
  3. Internet dating shifts all attention to the appearance of a person. This is a very serious problem. Take Tinder for example. The app actually prompts you to rate people based on their looks alone, swiping left and right depending on whether you like the person or not. However, a person online will always differ in offline appearance when compared to online, you immediately see, hear them, and evaluate their manner of speech and behavior. Online, only video chat provides such an opportunity, but not texting, which is still used by the majority.
  4. Deliberate “mysteriousness” only complicates search and communication. The reluctance of a person to talk about themself on a dating site is understandable — not everyone is ready to share personal information with a large audience. However, to be honest, most people are frankly too lazy to fill in all the fields in the account, talk about themselves, regularly update photos, and so on. Many people prefer to wait for love to fall on their heads.
  5. A lot of people are looking for a one-night stand because of online dating. This is another important problem. Many do not consider Tinder and its analogues as platforms for finding serious relationships. As a result, trust and audience in such sites are reduced. Some users categorically refuse to use dating apps and consider them absolutely unpromising. Additionally, if they find out that another person is registered in such an application, they might decide not to dialogue with them.

It may seem that online dating in its classic form has become obsolete; in a sense, this is true. After taking off in popularity amid the Covid-19 pandemic, most well-known dating services are witnessing a very rapid decline in audience. However, this does not mean that online dating is a thing of the past or that everyone will soon start dating offline again.

How to use dating services correctly to get the most for yourself

If you become disillusioned with online dating after reading the previous paragraph, then do not rush to conclusions. Online dating is not just relevant today. In the foreseeable future, online dating can replace offline dating as a phenomenon. Especially, taking into account the fact that every year we have more study, work, and fun at home, and preferring not to even go out without special needs.

To make online dating truly effective, we advise you to follow a few simple rules.

  1. Refuse to use the most popular and massive dating services and give preference to niche sites. Tinder, Badoo, and Bumble — all attract attention, and most of all, a huge audience. However, in practice, the more users, the more difficult it is to find that person at the end. Additionally, on such sites, the same users often create accounts, who simply alternate between different applications.
  2. Don’t waste your precious time on those individuals with whom you know you can’t share your future; learn to say no to them on time. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to end communication and tell the person that you won’t succeed. However, it needs to be done. Otherwise, you will make things worse for yourself and your interlocutor by giving them false hope.
  3. Use various communication formats. Primarily online video chat. Only by communicating via video, you’ll have a chance to objectively evaluate a person and understand whether they are right for you. Text chat won’t give you the same communication experience, so you should definitely not limit yourself to it.

In some cases, we recommend you abandon the usual format of dating sites/applications and use video chat instead. We are talking about online services that connect you with a random interlocutor via video. For example, a simple Bazoocam online video chat with a built-in streaming platform and online mini-games, or CooMeet, a videochat with girls that can connect men to ladies only. Thanks to a unique gender filter. There is also the Chatspin minimalistic video chat with a simple design and a simple gender filter. There are so many options!

Let’s sum up a little

In conclusion, we’d like to say that the web dating industry has really changed modern society and the principles of communication between people. In some ways, we see a clear positive. There are controversial points somewhere. Nonetheless, one thing is for sure — online dating has been with us for a very long time. Hence, humanity is unlikely to return to the format of dating offline exclusively.

Of course, online dating will transform and evolve in the future. Existing concepts will change and new ones will appear. Also, we will continue to use all the means available to us to finally find that particular person with whom we will be ready to link our fate. Surely, we will find love someday!


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