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Is GamStop Right for You? A Close Look at Its Features

Redditch Editorial 17th Nov, 2023   0

GamStop is a powerful and one of the most well-known self-exclusion tools available at UKGC-controlled casinos and bookmakers. It creates a physical barrier between the player and the gaming platform that helps take control over the bad habit and quicker rehabilitation.

The service was launched in 2018 and gained popularity among UK-based players. Currently, GamStop has helped 400,000+ vulnerable players during 5 years of its existence.

Based on investigations, about 84% of the program participants noticed positive changes regarding their well-being.

Also, 77% said they managed to improve their financial conditions.

Features of GamStop

GamStop is a quite simple service to join that makes it available for a wide range of individuals. After registration, you have several self-exclusion options (6 months, 1 year, or 5 years).

Since GamStop is a fully web-based solution, you do not need to download any extra software to get started. Instead, head to its website from any device and pass the quick registration.

One of the main peculiarities of the program to consider is supporting only casinos with UKGC licenses (130 sites in its database). As soon as a new casino appears in the UK gambling market, it is added to the GamStop database.

Advantages of Using GamStop

Thanks to GamStop, you can exclude from multiple UK-based gambling sites to eliminate triggers, bring back control over your life, and fully rehabilitate. After registration – there are no shortcuts or ways to keep playing on the sites you are excluded from.

Another advantage is that you can join this program absolutely for free. The GamStop statistics speak for themselves – more than 50% of participants decided to increase the ban duration. Some even skip the 6-month option and move straight to 5 years. Among respondents, some would like to prolong the self-exclusion up to 10 years.

Potential Drawbacks and Limitations

With all those strong sides, there are 2 main shortcomings you should consider:

  • Inability to reconsider your decision;
  • GamStop is active only towards UK-based casinos, while there are thousands of offshore platforms vulnerable people may play at.

After GamStop’s self-exclusion period ends, some people may still experience problems. In most cases, they relate to the temptation to keep playing or even more serious aggravation.

To avoid it, GamStop should be used as a part of a complex rehabilitation with psychological help. Without this approach, players may search for ways around GamStop and successfully find them on offshore sites. This pursuit of non GamStop options could lead players to a less regulated betting landscape, where they might be more vulnerable to risky gambling behaviors.

Alternatives to GamStop Self-Exclusion

Along with GamStop, there are plenty of alternatives you may switch to. Their main difference is over functionality. For example, GamBan allows you to eliminate not only casinos (as triggers), but also betting sites, NFT, trading platforms, etc.

As for BetBlocker, it offers a handy calendar feature where you can schedule and deeply customize self-exclusion. Often, such platforms come with a Parental Control option, AdBlockers (to eliminate triggers), etc. Since they are globally accepted, they can boast extended databases.

For instance, BetBlocker supports 85,000+ unique URLs, while GamBan may block 60,000+ sites.

Who Should Consider Using GamStop?

GamStop best suits those players who are consciously willing to take control of their behavior. It also makes sense to use it when you play exclusively at UK-based casinos and are not going to try offshore sites. Otherwise, GamStop will not be so effective. GamStop can help you reach the best result only with a complex approach.

So, be ready to take advantage of extra services you can find on the site, including Samaritans, TalkBanStop, and Gambling Therapy. Choose them depending on the problem that most worries you (emotional control, financial issues, family problems, etc.)

How to Register and Get Started

If you are confident to become a GamStop member, do the following.

1.Head to the official site and click on the registration tab.

2.Click the “Start” button.

3.Fill in your email address, agree to the site’s Privacy Policy, and click the “Next“ button.

4.Pass the email verification to become a full member.

5.Provide detailed info about yourself, including full name, mobile phone, date of birth, etc.

6.Select the 6-month, 1-year, or 5-year period.

Do not neglect to use services from the “More Support” tab. They are categorized depending on the nature of the problem, including Family Support, Debt Support, Emotions Support, and Practical Controls. To maximize the effect, try to eliminate all potential triggers and never find ways to bypass GamStop restrictions.


Always consider your current situation before joining GamStop (as well as any other self-exclusion service). While it is a reputable and free tool with a long list of extra services for holistic rehabilitation, GamStop is focused only on UK-based casinos.

The platform is fairly simple but quite rigid. For example, you can not change your mind if your data has already been added to the database. So, before registering for the program, it makes sense to consult with a professional (for example, an addiction counselor or a psychiatrist). To understand the full scope and implications of this decision, read more news and resources available for informed choices.

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