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Office décor matters: 7 great ideas to create a productive and stunning workspace for your employees

Redditch Editorial 26th Jan, 2024   0

More often than not, businesses underestimate the importance of décor in their offices. No, it’s not just about aesthetics but also about utility, as it can highly influence employees’ enthusiasm to get work done. A beautiful office boosts employee productivity, inspiring them to contribute to your business mission.

The key to creating an office where employees can thrive is achieving a sense of comfort, like the one you feel at home, while maintaining a professional business image. Your office design should reflect the values of your business, allowing people to feel motivated when walking into the building.

Check out these 7 office decorating ideas to create a workspace that promotes positive feelings and helps employees carry out their tasks effectively.

Carefully choose the colour scheme

This is perhaps one of the most critical design elements in the office, so it’s essential to consider it carefully. Ideally, you should stick to the colours that reflect your brand and not go overboard with many different shades – this is a huge mistake that will ruin the design. Instead, you can opt for a specific colour scheme for ceilings, walls, floors, and so on.

When trying to decide on the hues, make sure to study their psychological impact, as each colour produces a specific mood. For an office setting, we recommend choosing red, yellow, blue, purple, green or grey, which are all excellent choices.

Display your company’s mission

The office décor should be an extension of your business. It should reflect what your brand stands for, and there’s no better way to do this than by displaying your vision on the walls in an appealing way. For example, you can consider incorporating a customised neon sign with your business mission on it. You can find such signs at Next Level Display.

Showcasing your company’s vision will drive your employees to help you achieve your goals, reminding them that they contribute to a bigger purpose. There are, of course, other ways to do this – you just have to be creative.

Incorporate wall art

Hanging art on your office walls is always a good idea, as it will instantly transform the workspace, making it look more spacious and interesting. The type of art you choose depends on what kind of mood you want to create. You can either keep things simple and opt for black-and-white art or choose vibrant works for bolder aesthetics.

It’s really up to you what kind of wall art you want to display, but regardless of your choice, adding canvas prints is a beautiful expression of your company’s mission and beliefs.

Pay attention to furniture

Office furniture is a core component of the workspace, as it is used daily, which means you should make a wise decision. Keep in mind that functionality isn’t the only aspect that matters when it comes to furniture – its aesthetics shouldn’t be bland, either.

Fortunately, plenty of options are available, allowing you to choose from various chairs, couches, and tables. It shouldn’t be too hard to find something you like but remember to take the time to carefully weigh your options and stick with the ones that meet your needs and expectations.

Add plants

While at the office, the last thing you want is for your employees to feel trapped inside. To avoid this, consider bringing elements of the outdoors inside, such as plants. They create a tranquil work environment, purifying the indoor air, boosting employees’ wellbeing, and also contributing to a beautiful -and natural design. Some options to consider include Devil’s Ivy, Peace Lily, Cacti, Dracaena, and Bromeliads, to name just a few.

If you decide to incorporate plants, remember that they need regular maintenance in order to thrive indoors. So, you should remember to water them frequently and ensure they get proper sunlight.

Set up a snack bar

Who doesn’t love a healthy snack during a break from office tasks? That’s right- everyone does. Organising a snack bar can be a game changer for your workspace, as many employees have listed it as one of the top workplace perks they value.

Besides, food has a major impact on your team’s mental health and motivation – which is why snack stations are a way to support their body’s needs in an efficient manner while also increasing their productivity and overall wellbeing. When setting up a snack bar, it’s essential to plan out the design carefully. There are a few elements to consider, such as the location of the snack station, the right display, and how you will organise the snacks. Remember to provide variety – more specifically, make sure to add options for everyone, as employees are unique and have different tastes, so you should satisfy everyone, from sweet-obsessed employees to spice lovers.

Let natural light in

Natural light has shooting effects, and it’s an important consideration for the office space, as it has a major impact on employees’ health and wellbeing. In fact, it has been shown that in offices that maximise natural light, employees experience fewer headaches, blurred vision, and eye strain(which are all productivity killers).

Therefore, it only makes sense to focus on letting in as much natural light as possible. You can achieve this by keeping your windows open throughout the day, and not obstructing them with curtains. If curtains are necessary, consider opting for light fabric.

The bottom line

The décor of your office is the first thing potential employees see when they walk into the building. And believe it or not, it has a significant impact on the impression they make of your business. So, you should concentrate on setting up an environment that will draw them in right from the beginning and make them feel welcomed.

There is no such thing as the right or wrong way to decorate a workspace; however, the décor should represent your business. Hopefully, the tips above will help you get started with office design. Take your time to plan out everything and remember to also have some fun in the process! After all, you will also spend a lot of your time here, so make sure to create a space that you enjoy.

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