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Redditch as a Place for Extreme Lovers — Where to Go and Where to Have Fun

Redditch Editorial 18th Apr, 2024 Updated: 19th Apr, 2024   0

We sometimes get bored with regular activities. Be it while wagering on GG BET casino, eating at a restaurant, or going for a getaway. Tourists mostly find joy in natural and scintillating places, but some are extreme lovers. Thrill seekers sometimes want to try somewhere unusual, as this is where they find excitement.

Redditch is one of the places in England where you should try. While there are many beautiful sites to see, you can also find some hidden gems. These places can make your tour memorable. In today’s posts, we will discuss some places you can have fun when you visit Redditch.

Arrow Valley Park

Arrow Park is a place for exciting experiences and nice food. You will find the lake and the lake houses interesting. You also have the chance to see the large species of wildlife and the birds too. The park is a gem, and you can walk around the lake easily, thanks to the circular route with signposts to aid navigation. The place is well maintained, open till 7 pm, and runs all through the year.

The sailing club’s visit to the lake gives extra entertainment with beautiful boats to view. There is a beautiful café at the visitor centre to serve you. Enjoy your drinks and snacks here, with coffee and sandwiches served as you enjoy a beautiful view of the lake. The refurbished café has a well-designed floor, ceilings, and doors which will make your visit worthwhile.

Redditch Local History Museum

Another place we believe you should visit is the Local History Museum, which you can gain entry to with a fee as low as £2. While the small size might give you a second thought, you will be amazed by the amount of materials and archives in the place. To further help you learn about the history of Redditch, the staff are knowledgeable and willing to help.

You can spend hours learning with the adequate answers to all your questions. With a lot to read and see, the museums are organized into sections to make usage easier. Several aspects of the town, like the historic settlement and the modern development, are covered. You can also learn about entertainment, industries, and other things about Redditch.

Forge Mill Needle Museum & Bordesley Abbey Visitor Centre

Another fascinating destination is Forge Mill Needle Museum, a site it shares with the ruins of Bordesley Abbey. You can learn about the rich history of the needle and fishing tackle industries when you visit this site. The basement’s setup gives you a feeling like the workshop is still active because it feels so real.

With friendly staff available to take you around, you will learn about how Redditch once produced needles that served about 90% of the world. There are recreated scenes and models of needle making in the past in the museum. You can also watch explainer videos to see different sizes of needles and their production processes.

Sharing this site with the Needle Museum is the Bordesley Abbey Visitor Center. We believe you should visit this place as well, since it’s just a walk from the Museum. Although the medieval barn has been excavated, you will still learn about the amazing story of its development.

The original structure was destroyed by Henry Bill in 1538 before the reconstructed area is now used as a Visitor Center. You will find the staff lovely and helpful as you learn about its story.

Redditch Golf Club

Thrill yourself with some golf playing time at the Redditch Golf Club. It has existed since 1913 and opens between 8 Am to 11 Pm. You will find the woodland course amazing with well- maintained green conditions. You can play on the course as a Visitor, with friendly staff all around. But I must confess, the course can be challenging, and the handicaps will make it less difficult for you. Away from the course are pro shops and bars to grab some drinks and food. You will enjoy the mushy peas and well-cooked fish chips. The staff here are responsible and friendly.

There Are More Places to Explored

Your trip to Redditch will never be a boring one, as there are many fun places to visit. You would be amazed if you chose to visit this breathtaking place during your next getaway. You will also find treasure hunting, going on a Shakespeare tour, visiting the Arrow Valley Country Park, and many other places exciting.


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