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Sports Phrases that We Use in Daily Jargon

Redditch Editorial 19th Jul, 2023   0

Sports are an integral part of human cultures and societies. For as long as humanity has been around, we’ve engaged in physical competition. And millennia later, we still fill up stadiums cheering on our favorite athletes or teams.

With the immense popularity of sports, it is no surprise at all that certain sports phrases have infiltrated our daily jargon. In this article, we are going to go over some of these phrases, and discuss what they mean in daily life, as well as in sports.

“Knocked it Out of the Park”

During a game of baseball, a batter might hit the ball so hard, that it leaves the baseball field. At that point, the batter has scored a home run, and one might say, “they’ve knocked the ball out of the park.” Baseball being America’s favorite pastime, it is no surprise that this phrase has entered the popular jargon.

When somebody “knocks [it] out of the park,” it means they’ve done a certain task particularly well. “Knocked it out of the park” is often used in business jargon. However, it is not surprising to hear students say it regarding a particularly difficult test or exam.

“Favorite vs. Underdog”

Favorite and underdog are two of the most popular terms used at sportsbooks. Even users of the Betstation best Iowa online sports betting sites have come across these terms. The favorite refers to the team/athlete that is likely to win a certain tournament, and the underdog is the team/athlete that is fighting against the odds.

In popular jargon, an “underdog” usually refers to a person who often gets underestimated for whatever reason. However, they end up surprising you by displaying their skill, savvy, wit, or intellect. The underdog has also become a popular trope in fiction, where the protagonist is fighting against the odds, and manages to overcome the unfair obstacles.

“Slam Dunk”

Even someone who has never seen a basketball game is familiar with the concept of a slam dunk. A player runs at the board, jumps towards the net, slams the ball, and the crowd goes wild. The slam dunk became popular in the 70s, as a flashy way to score points and titillate the audience.

It is no surprise then, that in popular culture, a “slam dunk” is used to refer to a great success. You might hear a lawyer say “this case is a slam dunk.” when they are particularly confident about winning a certain trial. A college student might refer to an exam as a “slam dunk.” if they are certain they’ve gotten a good grade.

“Hail Mary”

A football game is near its close. A team is down on points, but one play could change it all. However, there is no time. What is there to be done? A quarterback throws a sixty-yard prayer to the end zone, hoping to beat the odds. This is a “Hail Mary” pass, and it has a success rate of less than 5%. However, when it works, it goes down in history as one of the biggest plays in a player’s career.

In popular parlance, a “Hail Mary” refers to a person attempting to pull off something that can’t be done. Usually, it refers to a situation brought upon by desperation.

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