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What Are The UK’s Favourite Hobbies/Pastimes?

Redditch Editorial 26th Apr, 2024 Updated: 26th Apr, 2024   0

Enjoying a hobby can improve mental well-being and leave behind the stress of daily life. Depending on the hobby, it can also improve physical condition and might even improve memory and help reduce the risks of dementia in later life.

Brits have a varied selection of pastimes to regularly partake in, ranging from reading and watching TV to active hobbies including kayaking and even open-water swimming. Below are a few of the UK’s favourite hobbies.


Gambling remains one of the UK’s favourite pastimes, with the UK gambling industry worth an estimated £15 billion a year. More than a quarter of Brits play National Lottery draws at least once a year, with many taking part every week.

It’s reported that 14million people gamble online each month. Gambling in the UK is well-regulated, and there are varied options for those who include gambling as one of their top pastimes. There are physical casinos, online UK-based GamStop sites, and even offshore sites where bettors can play casino without GamStop. Some players prefer to bypass the UK’s GamStop regulations by selecting a non-GamStop casino, which are typically registered and licensed in countries outside of the UK.


Reading provides mental stimulation. It can enhance learning, improve vocabulary, and reduce daily stress. It is a sedate pastime with minimal cost of entry, and thanks to the proliferation of ebook readers and greater access to digital books, it has become much easier to access books and other publications from the comfort of the couch.

Brits spend more than £4billion a year on books, including both physical and digital copies.

Watching TV

The UK is a nation of TV lovers, with the average Brit spending 10 years of their life watching TV. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have greatly increased access to TV shows and films from around the world and, as a result, viewing habits have evolved.

However, while the UK does love its TV, it only ranks 10th in the world, with the US having the highest TV viewing figures, followed by Poland and Japan.


Travelling is another pastime that can help combat stress and improve mental wellbeing. It can be relaxing or exciting. It can be educational or fun, depending on where you travel and what you do while you’re there.

For these reasons, Brits love to travel, spending £58.5billion a year, which includes travelling inside the UK and holidaying abroad. While Britain has plenty of incredible sites and tourist spots, one of the reasons that many choose to travel abroad is for better weather.

Going Out

Going out to restaurants, bars, and pubs is a popular pastime in the UK with the average reveller spending £70 per night. Drinks make up the largest part of the bill, with additional costs including food and transport.

The pub is a firm favourite with UK socialisers, with more than a third of Brits saying they go to the pub at least once a fortnight, whether for food or drink.

Live Music

Another reason for visiting pubs is to see local, live bands, and listening to live music is a favourite activity. There are estimated to be more than 800 festivals a year in the UK, from small local events celebrating specific music genres to massive events like Glastonbury, that attract visitors from around the world.

In 2022, 37 million people attended live music events, which included grassroots events as well as major concerts and festivals, across the country.


Gaming includes PC and console gaming. There is also a growing number of VR headset gamers. In total, British gamers spend more than £3billion a year on console and PC games. The figure doesn’t include board games and toys. Modern board games are seeing a resurgence with annual growth of nearly 10 per cent expected in the next three years.

Although once considered a hobby for the younger generation, those generations have grown up and have carried their love of gaming into their midlife years.


Socialising includes going out with friends and family to venues like bars, restaurants, and cinemas. It also includes visiting friends and family.

Although socialising took a major hit in 2020 and 2021, people are spending more time with their loved ones again, and the average Brit spends 4 hours a month enjoying social activities with those around them.


While socialising saw a dip in recent years, cooking and baking saw a surge in popularity, especially as people were stuck at home with no access to restaurants or even takeaways. In some surveys, cooking comes out as one of the top two hobbies in the UK, behind reading.


There are more than 2,000 golf courses in England and a further 600 in Scotland. Scotland actually has the highest number of golf courses per capita of any country in the world, with one course for every 9,379 people. England is in 10th position with one course per 27,725 and Wales has a course for every 18,321 people.

The UK’s roster of courses accounts for nearly 10% of all golf courses globally: a clear indication of the country’s love for the sport. Such is the game’s popularity that there are a quarter of a million Google searches related to golf from the UK, every month.


Drawing and art are popular activities. They can be done at home, have a relatively low cost of entry, at least compared to some other hobbies, and enable participants to exercise their creative side.

Creative hobbies like painting have also been shown to help prevent the onset of dementia in later life. It is an especially popular hobby in cities. It is the most popular pastime in 9 of the country’s 20 largest cities. Participants can find art classes, art supply shops, and art exhibitions throughout the year.


There is a diverse range of activities and pastimes that people list as hobbies in the UK. While some enjoy reading and learning, others prefer to get out cycling or running. Some people enjoy going to live music events and others prefer playing slots at traditional or non-GamStop casinos. Hobbies help us relax and forget the stresses of daily life. They can also help us grow, prevent illness, and even forge new relationships.


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