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What types and variations of slots are most played online?

Redditch Editorial 19th Dec, 2022   0

Slots are popular online casino games because their gameplay is straightforward, their jackpots are massive, and their bonuses are unmatched. If you are a slots fan, you’ll be pleased to know that the game has several variations which offer different gameplay experiences.

It is essential to know these online slot types to identify the one that suits your bankroll and preferences. Moreover, if you want to play on mobile, you must go for slot games available on mobile devices. Such games are available on recommended casinos to play mobile slots via an app or mobile browser. Keep reading to discover the main slot game variations.

Three reel slots – Classic slots

These are single-slot games and are regarded as the most straightforward slot variation. They are popularly known as the one-armed bandit because of the mechanical machines with a lever players pull to spin the reels.

Classic slots are excellent for newbie slots players because they are effortless to learn and play. You will land the jackpot if you land three similar symbols.

However, the game’s drawback is its low number of reels which reduces the possible number of winning combinations. Moreover, the variance of classic online slots is high, meaning you win big or lose everything fast!

Five reel slots – video slots

These are probably the most prevalent variants of the popular online casino game. They are widely used in online casinos and don’t need physical or mechanical levers and reels. Instead, players spin the reels by pressing a button.

Moreover, the games have appealing graphics, sounds, and videos that make them more immersive. Video slots are also considered the forerunner of modern-day online slots. They have a video screen instead of mechanical reels.

They are better than three-reel slots because they offer more paylines, boosting your chances of winning. Moreover, the wagers last longer, and the games have bigger jackpot prizes.


Six and seven reel slots

These two variants have pushed the limits regarding traditional reels. They use a similar grid structure as the five-reel slot. Therefore they have 6×3 and 7×3 setups. More reels mean that you can create longer matches. Also, combining six or seven reels with features like wild symbol stacks or respins makes these variants more exciting to play.


Progressive slots

When you play progressive jackpot slot games, for each wager, a part of the amount goes towards the jackpot. As a result, the jackpot consists of contributions from players playing the game at that time. Most platforms display the total progressive jackpot accumulated through the jackpot.

Moreover, online casinos usually interconnect slot machines or various casinos, allowing them to contribute to the same jackpot. Consequently, jackpots soar to millions, but the chances of winning also become smaller.


Interactive slots

Also known as iSlots, interactive slots come with multiple paylines and multiple reels making them different from the other variants discussed above. They use the capability of modern computing devices to allow players to expand their own storylines.

I-slots achieve that by allowing players to spin different reel combinations or participate in a game-advancing escapade. This makes them more immersive to play.

What works for you?

Before playing the next slot game, please find out what works for you. It would help to start with the simplest and make your way to the more sophisticated variations.

Article written by: Carlos Daniele


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