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14th Jun, 2021

It could be you - your letters from Brexit to begging on the streets

Correspondent 16th Nov, 2019

IN response to the letter about not helping the homeless (Redditch Standard) I want to ask the writer some questions, and give them some food for thought.

The people you call ‘vagrants’ outside the 3 Cooks “are on Universal Credit and Personal Independent Payments and spend that money on drugs” – well how do you know?

And that if someone gives them a sleeping bag they sell it to buy drugs again – how do you know for sure?

And you think we should not give them a hot drink or food. What sort of heartless person are you?

Do you not ever think what has gone wrong for them to finish up on the streets?

I am sure they don’t want to be there but they’ve got themselves in a mess and a re struggling to get out.

This could happen to any one of us.

Is it not a sad reflection of the 21st Century that we still have people on the streets?

What is needed is a place where we can open up an empty shop and give these people a bed and food to help them sort themselves out, find a job and feel part of society again.

These people are not ‘vagrants’ they are human beings who need help, they are someone’s son or brother.

So the next time you go past them don’t be so hasty to judge as one day it could be you or a member of your family.

Whatever faith you are, only God has the right to judge, so think on.

A Redditch Resident

IT was good to read last week’s article on Rachel McLean prioritising on the childrens services at the Alex and hopefully the return of some services.

However I feel that we as a society have not protected the rights of children by allowing services being moved to Worcester in the first place.

Sadly this has been experienced throughout the UK with years of ongoing Tory austerity measures.

In 1992 the UK signed up to CRC – Convention on the Rights of the Child

The four core principles of CRC being the Right to Life, the Right to Survival and Development and the Right to Participate.

In my view Redditch children treated by an emergency department in Redditch enhances that child’s Right to Survival.

P Smith, Southcrest

S WARD (Letters) betrays his fundamental and rather alarming lack of understanding of democracy.

Apparently leaving the EU will enable him ‘to regain the ability to vote in or out of office all the politicians who make all the laws by which we as UK citizens are bound’.

What does S Ward think he has been doing every time he votes in a General Election?

Voting for representatives who then go on to debate bills, vote new laws in or amend existing ones.

That principle is at the very core of the demographic process and has been since its inception.

Why S Ward thinks he wasn’t able to take part in this system is a mystery.

Unless of course he hasn’t registered to vote at all.

If S Ward isn’t sure of the process there are many good online sources where he can find out more.

CJ Dev, Redditch

IN answer to L.Kane’s question ‘what will the average person be able to do after we leave the EU that they are not able to do now?’, S Ward states that he/she will be able ‘to regain the ability to vote in or out of office all the politicians who make all the laws by which we as UK citizens are bound.’

EU Laws and legislation changes are formulated and proposed by European Commissioners who are effectively civil servants nominated by their member States and approved by the President of the Commission who is himself selected by the European Parliament, a directly elected organisation.

Some 400 million EU citizens are eligible to vote for those they wish to see as their MEP and at the last election some 200 million took up that option.

The European Parliament and Council of European Ministers is responsible for accepting or rejecting any new legislation emanating from the Commission.

Since 1999, 95 per cent of all legislation from this process has been passed by our Parliament, which abstained from three and objected to two per cent.

On the other hand, the UK Government has opted out of some EU laws and proposals, including monetary union and the Schengen border control agreement.

Actually, I think the way EU legislation is handled is bureaucratic and cumbersome, but that is not the same as believing that we in the UK have had to accept great swathes of unpopular laws from some foreign unelected body over the years.

T Morton, Headless Cross

ONCE again we have been treated nightly to a barrage of explosions by a certain selfish section of the community who don’t care as long as they have their way with their childish bangs around November 5.

Why don’t they join the Army?

Childish could be the wrong word because some children are frightened by the noise which also upsets pets.

Horses, cattle, sheep and wildlife must be terrified with this bombardment night after night, and what about the old people?

Explosions should be banned from fireworks and let the authorities take over the celebrations of Guy Fawkes Night.

Name and Address supplied

HERE’S a suggestion for Kev’s Cars and Coaches of Bromsgrove – instead of blocking Studley Road outside St Bede’s every morning, Monday to Friday, why don’t they park in Brueton Drive and let the kids walk the 100 yards to the school?

Not only will there be fewer jams on the Studley Road but it will also save Kev chugging up the hill and turning left at the Holloway.

Instead all they need to do is drive up Southcrest Road and then on to the Alvechurch Highway.


L Walker, Greenlands

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