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4th Dec, 2021

Letters: Post Office scandal, cemetery and support for Brunner

Editorial Correspondent 30th Apr, 2021 Updated: 30th Apr, 2021

NO one who met sub-postmaster Julian Wilson could dispute that he was one of the kindest and politest of men.

An accomplished thespian, successful family and honest businessman and someone you could trust.

How cruelly he and his wife were treated by those in charge at the Post Office beggars belief.

Being wrongly accused and losing everything for something he didn’t do, deserves retribution of the highest order against those were responsible for this gross miscarriage of justice.

Once again we see a ‘fat cat’ at the top greedily filling their pockets, (to the tune of several millions we are told), whilst deliberately hiding the truth and preaching the gospel. May I take this opportunity to wish her the maximum of enjoyment from her ill gotten gains whilst she can.

Taking her pious life into account, perhaps an understanding and liberal gentle tap on the wrist may be in order.

The overturning of the convictions of Julian and the other 38 sub-postmasters, some of whom have wrongly served prison sentences, has been a long overdue result. However, no amount of compensation will ever make up for what Karen Wilson and family has suffered.

Like many others I am so sorry for the injustices you have had to endure.

Pete, loyal Astwood Bank Post Office customer



SINCE when has Hedera Road in Moons Moat, Redditch moved to Bromsgrove?

In a recent Birmingham Mail article, about the new Amazon distribution hub, Bromsgrove MP Sajid Javid said: “I am delighted Amazon Logistics has chosen to invest in Bromsgrove District and create more than one hundred local jobs.”

Surely the new Amazon distribution hub is in Redditch and MP Rachel Maclean should be commenting, not him.

It seems Javid has stolen the march on our Redditch MP.

T.Jones Southcrest



IT is interesting there has been a lot of debate about where our new cemetery is going to be built.

If elected, we promise we will work with residents to be transparent and honest with them and to speak openly about decisions being made behind closed doors.

We both believe there has been no consideration to the thoughts and feelings of those who live in and around Ipsley, Winyates and Mappleborough Green.

The Conservative-controlled council has differed about decisions and have made so many upturns it’s no wonder there is confusion as to what is going on.

What we need is a full, proper consultation and suggestions put forward where realistic propositions are made.

Our pledge is that we will listen to you and be your voice when you need strong support.

A vote for us in Arrow Valley East will put you back in control and give you that voice.

Joe Baker and Wanda King – Labour candidates for county council, Arrow Valley East



JUST when I thought politics couldn’t get any more vile, the Tories never fail to disappoint by sinking to a new low.

They think it’s okay to censor people and artists like my band Chaos Experience from the Morton Stanley Festival just because they don’t agree with a song’s message or an elected councillor representing the people who put her there?

Madness in Redditch.

Freedom of expression according to the Tories is okay as long as they agree with it.

The utter rubbish they’ve spewed in recent weeks in an attempt to blacken the reputation of the only decent member they had is a sickening example of gutter politics at its worst and I dread to think what they are becoming.

The Tories are leading us into an Orwellian nightmare, the only way to stop this nightmare is to use your vote people of Redditch.

S. Pound, singer



IT IS curious to see the weekly onslaught in the ‘letters to the editor’ section of the Standard, against Coun Juliet Brunner by the masonic cabal within the Tory-led borough council.

It does make me wonder what heinous act Coun Brunner committed to incur the wrath of this tight-knit crew, in which they managed to push her out of the council and her own party.

Did Coun Brunner uncover suspicious dealings? Was Tory HQ at best disinterested?

I can’t imagine what else would invite such venomous outbursts from her former colleagues.

It is certainly eye opening to see it in action though.

You really get a sense of what Coun Brunner was up against.

Although I personally wouldn’t vote Tory, I have seen something in Coun Brunner that I like; someone willing to fight for principle and local people.

I hope Coun Brunner’s fight back as an independent succeeds.

Did I just add myself to the current council’s hit list? I fear I may well have done.

I.Kirwan, Matchborough



I HAVE to register my astonishment at the diatribe from the Tory party in the letters’ page of this paper recently.

My goodness such vitriol and bitterness. Anyone would think there’s an election coming. They seem well and truly rattled.

What an example for any future women politicians – if you disagree with them, the response will be character assassination and public humiliation.

It’s small wonder there aren’t many women wanting to go into politics.

J.Benanti, Ipsley

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