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4th Dec, 2021

Letters: Winyates Green Community Centre, CAMHS, Redditch parks and more

SHOULD Winyates Green Community Centre be re-named Mappleborough Green Pre-School?

Rubicon Leisure have taken away the slot paid for by Winyates Green Senior Citizens Group for 40 years and given it to Mappleborough Green Pre-School.

This is giving them an extra 3.5 hours but bearing in mind the group used it for 1.5 of these hours Rubicon are actually only getting two hours extra money per week during school term time and are happy to upset a long-standing group that has supported the community centre for many years.

Our group is not only a lifeline but also the highlight of their week to many of our members, most of whom are over 70 years of age, a number over 80, and Rubicon Leisure obviously think it is fine for these elderly people to have to walk to and from the group meetings in the dark during the winter months.

Many will, no doubt, not feel safe to do so. It also causes a problem for those using Dial a Ride as their last pick-up is at 4.20pm and the only time we can use the centre is 4.00pm.

I was under the misapprehension that a community centre is for use by the community but as the pre-school use it for 37.5 hours a week during term time it means it is unavailable for any other groups/clubs to use it.

S Trinder, Redditch

FACTS don’t cease to exist because they’re ignored.

A number of facts in Mr Dormer’s account of my wife’s failure to be selected, really prove the point that you have to have a good memory in order to spin facts convincingly.

As a candidate for selection himself he should remember that the process was, or should have been, confidential.

This of course prevents any influence on the results.

I find it most interesting that he cited my wife’s application as blasé and the ‘worst’ application.

This error constitutes a breach of confidentiality or a work of fiction, but whatever it may be, putting it in the public realm shows that this is an error the Conservative Party was prepared to make twice.

M Brunner, Matchborough

FRONT page headline in the Redditch Standard: ‘Planned Mental Heath Unit Sparks Outrage’ – the report is extensive, balanced and factual.

All on the watch of a (deregulating, cut corners, years of underfunding local authority) Tory Cabinet?

So our thanks to the editor of the Redditch Standard for supporting local democracy.

The headline reinforces the views expressed by West Mercia Police: ‘CAMHS location? Not in a residential area’!

The headline sums up close neighbour thinking; all within a balanced report.

Fight the good fight!

P Hill, Webheath

I WOULD like to do the decent thing and apologise to Ben Kirby if he feels my reply to his letter misinterpreted his point (Letters).

Sometimes my passion for the work we are doing in the parks gets the better of me.

I was swayed by the title above the letter that outright claimed as reality that the council is not investing in the parks.

I still disagree with his analysis of the situation, but I accept he did not himself claim that we are not investing in the parks.

In fact, that claim appears to have been an editorial choice by the Redditch Standard.

Perhaps the editor would like to retract the claim made in the headline as clearly it did not encapsulate Mr Kirby’s view, or my own, or even truthfully report the reality.

I hope my apology is helpful and I would be happy to meet with Mr Kirby to apologise again in person and listen to any concerns he has.

M Rouse, Deputy Leader, Redditch Borough Council

I SEE that A Evans (Conservative Candidate for Arrow Valley West and Headless Cross and Oakenshaw), claims that, with regard to candidate selection, they don’t comment on individual cases (Letters).

After Councillor Dormer’s disgraceful and unprofessional comments with regard to Councillor Brunner’s application, printed in the previous week’s Standard, might I suggest that he be informed of that policy.

He then had the effrontery to accuse Councillor Brunner of being discourteous. ‘Physician heal thyself’!

S Williams, Redditch

I AM acting on behalf of the authorities at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery Busan South Korea, where over 800 British Servicemen are buried.

The authorities there wish to obtain photographs of those servicemen interred there,and,also of those who died but have no known grave (200+) Copies of the photographs will be placed in the mans records,and, will also be displayed on the walls of the cemetery Hall of Remembrance for all time.. The following names are just some of the young men from the Midlands area who gave their lives in the Korean War

Bdr. Stanley E Williams, Gnr. Harold Breakwell, Cpl. Ronald G Davies, Spr. Ronald Harvey, Gnr. Vernon F Bayley, Capt. Nigel AM Balders, Pte. Mervyn L Stephens, Pte. Robert A Astell,Cpl. Richard F Musgrove, Lt. Peter M Park,. Pte. Frederick Gill, Fus. Francis H Roberts, 2nd. Lt. John A Godfrey, L/Cpl. Reginald A Smith.

Any family, or friend, who lost a loved one in the Korean War 1950-53, and wishes to take part in this project can send the photograph to me Brian Hough 116 Fields Farm Rd. Hyde SK143NP. Greater Manchester.

If more details are required you can phone on 0161 368 5622,or, 07467037742. You can also email

May I thank you for any help that you can give in this project. Yours sincerely.

B Hough, Hyde


Letters taken from Redditch Standard, April 9 edition 

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