Redditch MP's government resignation and Bomford Hill vandalism- This weeks Redditch Standard letters - The Redditch Standard
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10th Aug, 2022

Redditch MP's government resignation and Bomford Hill vandalism- This weeks Redditch Standard letters

Redditch Editorial 17th Jul, 2022

Bomford Hill Memorial vandalism

MY WIFE and I were invited to the unveiling of the Bomford Hill Memorial.

Our immediate reaction was that it will be a target for vandals, and it was.

Who made the decision for this site?

Why don’t these people join the real world? Re-site it.

Name and address supplied.


Illegal immigration

ALAN Adamson’s comprehensive answer to the illegal immigrant issue is breathtakingly brilliant in its imaginative simplicity.

Sadly, it ignores the fact that France is, err, in France and offers no answer to what would happen to all those arrested in the nasty process of abetting illegal immigration.

Hmmm – could they be deported maybe?

Possibly to somewhere in Africa?

Howard Bellaby

Fuel Protesters

IF the recent fuel protesters can afford to drive aimlessly down our motorways, doesn’t that rather negate their argument that fuel prices are too high?

Perhaps they might consider the price of ale. Ale is about £36 per gallon, while diesel is about £9 per gallon. Can we look forward to them blockading pubs?

D Vincent

Winyates East


Rachel Maclean’s cabinet resignation


I READ your front page story (Standard, July 8), covering Rachel Maclean’s resignation wondering ‘What took you so long Rachel?’.

I also noted at least three stories inside about her constituency work, presumably designed to enhance her reputation and deflect criticism.

Mrs Maclean is a decent constituency MP but her judgement must now be open to question given her previous unwavering loyalty to a dishonest PM with no integrity who she still calls an ‘incredible leader’.

I wrote to our MP over Partygate as sadly my wonderful mother, along with thousands of others, died alone in hospital whilst Johnson and Co partied.

We could not even hold a proper funeral.

Mrs Maclean was sympathetic at first but understandably wanted to wait for the Sue Gray report and then the Met investigation.

Unfortunately she then decided as Johnson accepted his fine for breaking the law and apologised for a ‘genuine mistake’ – despite been educated at Eton and Oxford Universitym he did not understand his own Government’s rules and was not responsible so it was not a resigning matter.

At least she did not give us the ‘ambushed with a cake’ drivel but I was pretty disgusted at the unbelievable and unforgivable sycophancy. I wrote to the MP again before the ‘no confidence’ vote, urging her to put the country first above her career and do the right thing over Johnson.

Her response was a eulogy to Johnson’s virtues which could have come straight from one of Nadine Dorries’ future novels.

So please Rachel don’t patronise us with your breath-taking hypocrisy and talk of ‘values, principles, integrity and decency’ when sadly you have until very recently been an enthusiastic supporter!

Unfortunately, your Damascene Conversion is much too late for this voter – you have allowed Johnson to traduce your own reputation and the Tory Party’s as I said would happen if you continued to defend the indefensible.

I hope the Tory Party now elect a new leader who has not been in the Cabinet and tainted by association with the PM.

The country faces serious problems and we need a competent and above all honest leader and Cabinet Ministers appointed because of ability rather than servility!

No more nonsense please about ‘oven-ready Brexit Deals, 40 new hospitals, a new nuclear power station every year and ridiculous sums spent on wallpaper – all been enthusiastically supported by the ‘enablers’ and ‘cheerleaders’ in Government!

I Welch

Number 62 Bus

THE NUMBER 62 for Winyates Green, Redditch, has been cut back by Diamond drastically over last few years.

When we moved to Redditch in 2014 we had a bus every 30 minutes, one going to the Abbey Stadium and the other into the town centre.

This was decreased to one bus hourly. Then about two years ago made two-hourly.

Regarding Diamond Buses’ inane comment people should use the buses more often, or they will be removed, how can we with this awful two hourly service?

I have emailed Rachel about this as have many other people.

You cannot travel round Redditch without seeing a bus broken down.

A few weeks ago I was at the bus stop on a Tuesday to catch the 10.30am with four other people all mid -70s to 80s, not car owners.

The bus did not turn up and they told me they were there the day before and same thing happened.

Redditch has the least car owners in Worcestershire and many who used to drive can no longer for various reasons.

Are they to be confined to their houses because no regular, reliable transport is available? How anybody manages to keep urgent appointments, I do not know.

I sat by one very elderly lady who lives alone, she tries to go into Redditch twice a week to shop etc.

Because of the way Diamond runs the number 62, if she manages to catch the 10.30am and she needs to stop at Morrisons on her way home, she then has to wait another two hours for another bus and does not manage to get home till mid-afternoon.

The way they arrange the timetables for the 62 route, when you arrive in the town centre you only have one hour to carry out your business affairs and shop, before the next bus going back – otherwise you are stuck in Redditch for another two hours.

This is too much for many elderly or disabled people to do.

With a little ‘out of the box’ thinking and resourcefulness, this could be improved.

Numbers 57 and 58 seem to run about every five to ten minutes.

If we had a regular and reliable bus service people would use it all the time.

But if Diamond Buses have their way we will be stuck in our houses unable to go anywhere.

I am sure the town centre will miss the revenue from the public who will be unable to get there.

Janet Davenport


Editors Comment

WELL done to the residents campaigning to get a Judicial Review into the proposed housing development at Foxlydiate.

Not many applications make it to this stage so it is a real victory for ‘people power’.

On the other side of the coin, people do need places to live and Worcestershire is one of the worst places for getting onto the housing ladder.

Maybe a compromise with less homes and more infrastructure on that site could be the answer.




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