Taxation and animal issues among the general election questions - this week's Redditch Standard letters page - The Redditch Standard

Taxation and animal issues among the general election questions - this week's Redditch Standard letters page

Redditch Editorial 22nd Jun, 2024   0

HERE are this week’s letters –

Time for a change

IN HER leaflet, Rachel Maclean says she will stop the boats, tackle illegal immigration (there is no such thing) tackle the cost-of-living, stand up for free speech (against her government’s policies then) and get taxes down, business and economy improvement, oh and get results for the Alex.

Starting from the top, her and her government have welcomed in 1.2million immigrants. Two in five study in our universities (because our students can’t afford the places), one in three are to help us fill the need for carers and health workers because we don’t pay enough for UK people to want to do carer jobs and the nurses’ training for UK people is too expensive.

One in five were welcomed in to take top jobs – earning over £38,700 minimum, but often earning more than £150,000 – presumably because our education system doesn’t train us for high paid jobs.

The boats and illegal immigration are a bit of a red herring aren’t they? Cost-of-living? In 2010, one in 16 UK households were in fuel poverty.

In 2023, the figure was one in three and the standing charge continues to rise whilst my telephone and broadband bills are daylight robbery!.

Taxes down means more damage to the NHS, schools and transport network, less NHS dentists and a rising national debt which already costs the average tax payer £2,800 per annum.

New businesses? In 2021 there were 5,083 new companies in Redditch. There are now only 3,765. Businesses are failing faster than businesses are being set up, causing colossal mental health issues and financial desperation.

I note main roads are being resurfaced but none of the adjoining residential roads have been touched for over a decade and are falling apart with pothole fillings overlaying the previous bodge job.

Let’s have a proper 15-year plan that covers all our roads in an efficient manner.

Green spaces? This is the government that changed planning laws to over-ride the value of farmland and green spaces in favour of more houses and the solar payments for roof installations have no government backed guarantee whilst green field solar farms are well paid.

As for the Alex, I never thought it was going to close as Mrs M states, but I did write to her and explain our need for the return of heart, stroke, 24-hour emergency surgery, paediatrics and maternity.

It really is time for a change,

Margot Bish



Think of the animals when voting

WITH every purchase we make, we may unknowingly endorse animal suffering.

Testing on animals for cosmetics and ingredients linked to household items continues despite the growing availability of modern alternatives and could be linked to many more items in our homes than we would like to know, including clothes, furniture, electronic goods and paint.

This election gives us the power to push for change.

By encouraging candidates to prioritise animal protection, we can align our shopping habits with our values and lead the way to a cruelty-free future.

It is an issue that affects us all, and it is time our policies reflected that.

Lida Sturgeon

Great Alne


A taxing question for Sunak

AFTER hearing Rishi Sunak speak at the launch of the Conservative Party manifesto, there seemed one clear line he was following in his attempt to ‘buy your votes’.

Tax cut, tax cut, tax cut was his message.

The translation to this message is: ‘vote Tory for cuts in public services’.

The Tory manifesto is all about unfunded tax cuts which can only results in lower levels of public services.

Mark Tomes

Church Hill


Feeling the heat

ANTONIO Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, recently announced: “Scientists have confirmed May 2024 was the hottest May in history, marking 12 straight months of the hottest months ever. Our planet is trying to tell us something, but we don’t seem to be listening.”

Meanwhile, The World Bank estimates by 2030, the climate crisis could push over 120million more people into poverty globally.

One aspect of the climate crisis often overlooked is its devastating impact on working animals who support low-income communities. In many cases, dangerous conditions are a worsening problem for working animals and are threatening the survival of many animals globally.

Working animals like horses, donkeys and camels have a vital role in their community. From carting heavy goods to transporting families, they are fundamental to livelihoods and the survival of communities.

This forgotten workforce is struggling to endure extreme weather conditions, highlighting the urgent need for global action to protect them.

In the past year, severe flooding and landslides have caused terrible destruction in Tanzania and Iraq and countries in North and West Africa have experienced a deadly heatwave. I experienced this during my visit to Mali in May. Zimbabwe, Tunisia and Namibia are some of the countries struggling through a prolonged drought.

These events have made life for working animals more precarious than ever and have left owners struggling to feed, care for or even keep their working animals.

SPANA works across the world providing lifesaving care and support to working animals experiencing the devastating effects of the climate crisis. Through essential veterinary support, we offer a lifeline to animals in desperate need.

We are working to transform the lives of working animals and create a world where animals, people and the environment are respected and thrive.

On International Working Animal Day (June 15), visit and find out how you can show support for working animals affected by the climate crisis.

Linda Edwards 

Chief Executive, SPANA (the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad)  


GOOD LUCK to Every Can Counts and their Chitty Chitty Can Can vehicle when they take on the renowned Red Bull Soapbox course today.

It will be nice to have some Redditch representation in this event which is watched by massive audiences on TV.

And, as well as the fun element, and the experience (this event is probably on most people’s bucket lists), it will also be good for Chris, Tom and the rest of the team to get across important eco messages.



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