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4th Dec, 2021

This week's letters: Traveller writes in to thank Redditch people for being kind

THE Borough Council’s planning application Ref 20/00863/FUL to use Ipsley meadow open space in the Arrow Valley Country Park as a cemetery has now attracted 643 written objections.

This historic meadow where Roman’s dwelt and which shows clear evidence that it was once a mediaevil ‘Ridge and Furrow’ area was designated as public open space 56 years ago. Freely accessible from all sides it has been well used and still is.

Those of us who have contacted Councillors about this proposal have noted it has been a work in progress for over ten years and have been treated to evasive and sometimes dismissive responses and clearly something is not right!

During such a long lead in time one would normally expect to see a legally secured site with full planning consent and with vehicular access and circulation, and services, and landscaping, and a modern zoning plan.

This matter has been in the hands of both the main political parties so why has it been kicked down the road for so long and why are we now being subjected to such a poor planning proposal?

We are told that the planning committee has a mind of its own on the outcome of application so to all who read this and agree the cemetery proposal is wrong there is still time to write a letter of objection to Redditch Council to persuade the planning committee to refuse it.

I Willcock, Redditch

I AM a horsedrawn Traveller who has come to Redditch at Christmas for the last 19 years and camped by the crematorium / Sainsburys roundabout.

I would like to thank the people of Redditch, especially those in the Bordesley area for their yearly greetings and kindnesses, many of whom have become close acquaintances and even friends over the years.

In response to P Seeley’s letter (Redditch Standard) complaining about the muddy roundabout, as our continued yearly return testifies, the ground recovers very quickly and by spring is as green as any lawn with no trace of our coming.

I wonder, is Mr Seeley’s view from his car window spoilt as he passes by for 30 seconds daily?

Did he complain of the spoilt view when the woods were ripped up and replaced with a garage and a Beefeater restaurant?

Mr Seeley would do better to check his own lifestyle, impact and footprint on the environment before he condemns those living a more environmentally lifestyle whose biggest impact on the local environment is to leave a temporary muddy footprint/hoof print behind once a year.

P Delaney, Worcestershire and Warwickshire

I REALLY must reply to D Meredith’s letter (Redditch Standard Jan 8) I also had my first jab on the same day (Dec 18, 2020) .

My appointment was for 10.05am.

I arrived at Winyates Health Centre at 10.02am, was scanned at the door, passed to reception, checked off on the list and was sent straight into the relevant room.

I then sat in the lounge for 15 minutes and left. I was home before 10.45am.

How well organised was that?

Like D Meredith I was due to have my second jab on January 8.

However, this has now been postponed so that someone else can have their first jab, which how it should be.

I have been telephoned twice by NHS personnel to make sure I don’t turn up.

The first time was on New Year’s Day!

D Vincent, Winyates

ON Saturday afternoon, my husband and I were privileged to attend for Covid vaccination, at the Winyates Health Surgery in Redditch and I write to express our immense gratitude and also admiration for the efficient and helpful way we were treated by the whole team at the surgery.

On arrival the marshalls checked we had an appointment, and after parking the car, we were directed through to the waiting area.

After being checked in, we took our seats and waited as other recipients arrived and without exception, (even though the health team must have been exhausted towards the end of what must have been such a busy day), everyone was greeted with a smile and helpful courtesy.

Our names were called and we were invited into one of the consulting room, where we were greeted by a doctor and nurse/administrator and after taking a few details, my husband and I both unveiled an arm and were given the jab.

We were then directed to another waiting area where we sat for 15 minutes, just so the health team could see we experienced no adverse reactions, and then we were on our way.

But just wanted to express our sincere appreciation not just for the jab but for the very professional and caring treatment we received from the whole team at Winyates Health Centre.

Name and Address supplied

AS we’re supposed to be in a tier 5 lockdown, why has the traffic on the Bromsgrove Highway, which I can hear from my home, remained the same, with traffic on it even at 1am?

It seems to me that even with the sharp, and very alarming, rise in both cases and deaths, people aren’t taking this lockdown as seriously as the first one.

During March/April you were lucky if you heard a car on the highway, but the volume and frequency of the traffic doesn’t seem to have reduced at all.

Please stay at home unless your journey is urgent, the life you save could be one of your loved ones.

Name and Address supplied


Redditch Standard, January 15 edition

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