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This week's Redditch and Alcester Standard letters.....

Redditch Editorial 14th Aug, 2021   0

‘Children are being failed by Camhs’

I READ with interest the letter from the lady trying to get her daughter help through Camhs.

I too have been very upset and angry in trying to get help for my 15 year old daughter from Camhs!

Two years ago my daughter had mental health issues.

She being adopted I thought that there would be help available for her when she needed it – how wrong I was.

The doctor referred her to Camhs only for her to be refused help and told to go private.

Two years on she has spiralled out of control and still is being refused help by Camhs.

I have begged and pleaded for help for her. Fortunately I have now managed to get help but not from Camhs as they are still refusing to help her.

I am shocked and saddened that children can’t get the help they need from this so-called organisation.

They are not fit for purpose as many many children so desperately need help and it’s about time someone questioned why Camhs is being allowed to operate when children are being failed by this system.

Name and Address Supplied


Mum’s fears for her and baby’s safety over lorries in unsuitable country lanes

I HAVE been visiting my parents for the last two days, at my childhood home in Hunt End.

As usual last Tuesday (August 3) I took my 17-month-old baby for an afternoon stroll around the country lanes I call home to get her to sleep.

My peaceful walk turned into a terrifying one as two very large lorries came down this very narrow lane (Blaze lane, Hunt End).

On both occasions, there was nowhere for me to get off the road.

I had to walk in the middle of the road with a truck close behind me while I found a layby to seek refuge.

The other, following closely behind the first, came as I was walking up a hill on a corner.

As I walked up the hill I prayed nothing else was coming around the corner in the opposite direction as the very loud engine meant I could not tell if another car was coming the other way.

After dropping off their loads at the Blaze Lane site they passed me again, meaning I drove my pram onto a verge.

One of the drivers did apologise for ruining my afternoon walk, while its exhaust pipe blew fumes in my baby’s face.

The number of lorries has increased over the last month for unknown works at the Blaze Lane site – that day I counted eight passing my parents’ house.

There is no way for these trucks to pass a walker or a cyclist on these roads which are not built for large lorries.

Lorries of these sizes should not be driving on these lanes.

They make these lanes no longer safe to enjoy a walk, and I fear an accident in the near future.

Holly Maries


Lorries have led to hazardous encounters for pedestrians and riders

FECKENHAM Road and Blaze Lane in Hunt End have been a peaceful haven for many over the years.

The lanes and surrounding countryside were enjoyed for family walks, horse riding and cycling.

Since mid-May this year, the ambiance of these lanes has changed beyond recognition.

The lanes are now dominated by up to 60 32-tonne truck movements-a-day delivering building waste to the former tip and sewage works.

There have been numerous hazardous encounters – pedestrians, horses, cyclists and cars have to seek refuge on the grassy banks or field gateways alongside the lane to escape the path of a truck driver on a mission to dump the load and return for more.

There are no passing places and no pedestrian walkways on these single track lanes which are crumbling and sinking under the trucks’ weight.

The site itself is deemed contaminated land and has lain undisturbed for 20 years after the council refused to allow the deposition of soil and rubble due to the severe detrimental impact on the surrounding area.

Since May 2021, the new owner has done just that, without, it seems, any recourse from those in authority.

Rosemarie Stoakes

‘Kingfisher’s Car Park 7 needs to be bulldozed’

I AGREE wholeheartedly with J Hope, Redditch about the proposed demolition of Car Park 7.

Since its closure, access to the health centres and chemists has been difficult and open car parking in Redditch very limited.

The options of either bus travel, especially with the limitations of the service currently in place, and the use of the Kingfisher multi-storey car parks involving walking through the centre are not attractive to the elderly who are not disabled but not able to walk those sort of distances.

An open air car park where people neither have to use stairways nor lifts is needed at that site.

If Redditch Council wants to attract residents back to the town centre upgrading the look of the town must come second to providing a suitable infrastructure for everyone to access the town centre which also includes bus timetables being restored to their pre-Covid status.

Will the council please publish what their proposals are for the Car Park 7 site so affected residents can give their views.

M Quick



CONGRATULATIONS to all the students who received their A-level and GCSE results this week.

It has been another tough year filled with disruption and – with classes needing to self-isolate and remote learning – those finishing courses have done exceptionally well to maintain their motivation to study.

Hopefully the next stage of their lives – whether it be university, A-levels, college or apprenticeships – will be much more settled, making it easier for them to fulfil their potential.


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