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25th Jun, 2021

Your Letters: Dominic Cummings, social distancing, and our nurses

Correspondent 31st May, 2020

I HAVE sent this letter to our MP Rachel Maclean regarding the Dominic Cummings affair.

During Sunday’s BBC’s ‘Coronavirus Daily Update’, the Prime Minister refused to sack Dominic Cummings over his non-compliance with the Covid-19 lockdown guidance.

It would appear there is one set of guidance for the masses but not for those attached to the Government.

I note the Cabinet Minister, Robert Jenrick, visited his parents in Herefordshire twice during this lockdown.

Consider people in your constituency and elsewhere, how many families have done all they can to adhere to the guidance?

Some have not been able to attend funerals, visit sick relatives or see new born children and have struggled with the compliance, but comply they did.

I believe many will be thinking if Mr Cummings can break the lockdown, they should have done and now definitely can.

Not so long ago, this Prime Minister removed the Conservative Whip from Kenneth Clarke (and other longstanding Conservatives) – removing Ken from the party was absolutely absurd.

I note Mr Johnson has the privilege of being the Prime Minister to illegally prorogue Parliament.

What do you think foreign dignitaries feel when they meet him – not only a poor leader but with little moral fibre as he is not living with his wife but is a new father again with his girlfriend.

I have been talking to a friend in Canada who was watching the situation developing on his television.

With this lack of leadership over Mr Cummings, my friend said Mr Johnson is a laughing stock and will be seen as this by other world leaders.

Mr Johnson’s leadership has not been good during the crisis – ‘herd immunity’ led to a delay in lockdown, the lack of testing and the failure to adequately obtain PPE.

So, Mrs Maclean, please tell us exactly what you will do if Dominic Cummings stays in post?

Perhaps, as a minimum, resign as ‘Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport’ just to show us all you are a leader, not just a follower.

Even today on the television, Mr Johnson was all bluff and bluster, a bumbling imitation of a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

D Dixon, Church Hill

THE Prime Minister’s continuing shilly-shallying over Dominic Cummings is a national disgrace.

He should be sacked forthwith for breaking the very lockdown rules he himself helped devise.

Test his eyesight to Barnards Castle? The man must think the more preposterous the lie the more he can get away with it.

He’s brought shame on all of us and our Prime Minister is an idiot for sticking by him.

I can’t believe I actually voted for this shower.

What a load of incompetent and spineless fools we have in charge of us.

C Moore, Greenlands

TO Any Nurse

So silently she walks you hardly know she’s there

As she moves from bed to bed of those in her care,

A soothing word to one in pain

A calming hand then on again

To put another soul to right

Who may be suffering this night.

As the wards she treads some will never know

How much their family to this nurse owe,

For at these times she becomes the dying’s friend

Holding their loved one’s hand at journey’s end.

L Wadlow, Bordesley

IN a letter dated February 28, 2020 a small number of homes in Webheath received a letter from Bromsgrove District Council/ Redditch Borough Council drawing attention to Planning Reference 20/00178/FUL.

The proposed plan is very controversial!

The letter invited comments/ objections to the proposal – to develop the former Cheshire Home, Church Road, Webheath, B97 5PD – into a Child and adolescent mental health services facility with a ‘security fence’.

The reference to a ‘security fence’ rang alarm bells with close neighbours of the former hospice-like Cheshire Home.

A number of neighbours had lived in close harmony with the Cheshire Home, its summer fetes and friendly residents, for many years.

The Cheshire Home was there before we arrived as neighbours; we were sad to see it close.

A CAMHS facility with a security fence has the potential to be very different.

Despite the reported suggestion that the site is in a quiet, out-of-the-way location, the truth is this – the proposed facility is surrounded by very close family homes. Some rear gardens are just a few metres from the proposed residential facility!

There are Webheath-wide implications!

It appears from the available evidence that a private healthcare set-up wishes to accommodate young people with conditions including ‘depression, self-harm, abuse, violence/anger issues, schizophrenia, and anxiety’.

Close family homeowners accept there is a real need for this kind of professional care but it is the strong view of objecting neighbours that the former Cheshire Home Saltways site is in the wrong location.

The proposed facility belongs in a parkland location, with good access for visiting families. Not in family oriented Webheath!

Make your feelings known! Protest!

Name and address supplied

I HAVE seen communities come together over the last seven weeks and rise to the challenge of adapting their daily lives to meet the government’s restrictions on our daily lives that have undoubtedly saved lives.

I have been heartily warmed by stories of individuals and groups that have gone the extra mile to support the most vulnerable in our communities and each other.

In an effort to get the economy moving and slowly return society to some sense of normality, the Government has started to set out the easing of some of the restrictions that were put into place in March.

However, with our liberty comes responsibility.

The message is clear in that we must continue to limit the amount of contact we have with others and maintain social distancing at all times.

Residents need to continue to be responsible when travelling, exercising and working.

John Campion,

Police and Crime Commissioner, West Mercia Police


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