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27th Sep, 2021

Your Letters: Redditch roads, democracy and Ipsley Meadow

Ross Crawford 12th Sep, 2021

IT would seem that Redditch has ceased to be a democracy, as (Council Leader) Councillor Matt Dormer considers that putting an address on a website is sufficient consultation on matters which concern and affect everyone.

This means that the many hundreds of residents who by choice or necessity do not use social media are excluded from making their views known.

When the council decided to cancel Redditch market, in order to ‘test the water’ of local opinion, I put a petition in the local post office asking that it should be re-instated.

Without any publicity at all the sheets have slowly filled up, proof, I think, of opposition to a move about which there was no consultation.

Similarly, I have found no support for knocking down the library, a comparatively new building refurbished at great cost not all that long ago.

The library has been a lifeline during the pandemic, with staff doing all they could to help us get our chosen books.

Coun Dormer’s suggestion that we should get a card and read ebooks again shows his lack of understanding for the needs of many residents.

With the market gone, Market Place is just a large empty space, used mainly by cyclists, skateboarders, ebikers etc.

Without the library it will become even more desolate.

M Morley, Headless Cross.

HAS anyone noticed the council’s road policy of resurfacing all the short roads?

I wondered about this as I bumped across the uneven surface of Holloway Drive and came back to it as I bounced from Ipsley Street to Mount Pleasant..

What policy would I endorse? The worst roads first?

The roads not tarmaced in the last 20 years? As there are so many, perhaps four teams beginning at the four corners and working into the middle resurfacing all feeder roads and the residential roads on the left, with a promise to do those on the right next year.

Roads used most by lorries which do most damage, roads going to schools where children might then safely cycle.

Why only short roads?

I came to the conclusion it must be the propaganda value.

A boast that ‘x’ number of roads have been resurfaced in the last year before elections with the smallest budget spent.

Hey, we could start a competition for the silliest method of road selection.

Short roads would be difficult to beat.

M Bish, Abbeydale

IN A couple of weeks, eight Conservative and one Labour councillor will meet to decide whether to change the use of Ipsley Meadow from green space to burial ground.

The motion is expected pass despite 852 official objections to the RBC portal and material evidence that Ipsley Meadow is unsuitable for burials due to geological, ecological and environmental deficiencies.

In addition to Ipsley Meadow’s unsuitability, an alternative plan to extend the existing Abbey site which avoids the Arrow River water-level restrictions and provides a proven way to overcome Historic England and DEFRA objections (should they arise) is ready to action.

Furthermore, locating the extension in three separate areas would allow the work to be cost-effectively phased in over time.

The Abbey extension plan, whilst ticking all the positive Geo. Eco and Enviro boxes will avoid all the considerable development costs in and around Ipsley to facilitate a new cemetery on the meadow.

Redditch Conservatives have suggested that results in the recent local elections at Matchborough and Arrow Valley East, show Redditch residents totally endorsed Ipsley Meadow as the new cemetery and that only ‘NIMBY’ and professional objectors now oppose a ‘change of use’.

This is flawed as there is no research examining voter intentions and motivations for this election and opponents of the Ipsley Meadow cemetery proposal are certain that a one-issue referendum would have excluded the meadow from the new cemetery candidates.

J Benanti, Ipsley Manor

WHERE have all the Tories gone?

It is interesting to note that during the lead up to the local elections in May the new batch of Reddtich Tories were everywhere to be seen. Attending local events, out door knocking, setting up petitions, promising the resident a whole wealth of different things if they would vote for them.

Now that the elections are long over and the residents of Redditch followed the national trend my question is “Where are the New Redditch Tories?”

They are nowhere to be seen.

No more petitions, no more door knocking and no fulfilled promises.

And yet our services are being cut, our library faces closure, the services at the hospital are being desecrated, the volunteer sector is being targeted for more cuts, our roads are still dangerous, and yet not a single voice is heard from these newly elected councillors.

It seems the local Conservatives were just seat harvesting to build their numbers so they could not be held to account.

Redditch deserves better.

J Baker, Brockhill

THE season opened at the Palace Redditch to a superb story and brilliant music from The JA Reggae band.

It was a shame the theatre wasn’t full to enjoy a great night, but the people who were there made there presence felt with singing and dancing to great music.

I understand people’s concern on going to the theatre, but they go to crowded pubs which don’t have the filtering and fresh air provision of the Palace.

The theatre, which is nearly 90 years old, has played host to many great entertainers.

It would be a shame to lose it, especially with so many great shows to come this year.

Please support The Palace Theatre – remember: Use it or lose it.

T Medlicott, Ipsley

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