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4th Dec, 2021

Your say: Read this week's Redditch Standard letters (20 December)

I HAVE sent this complaint to Redditch Borough Council and the the Batchley & Brockhill councillors about the mess made by their operatives driving on the grass around Brockhill Park:

‘This is not the first time i have written in to complain about the cleansing operative that drives around Brockhill park to empty the litter/dog poop bins.

Twice in the last week he has driven round to empty these bins and churned up the grass verges, especially near the subway.

I was told a while back that it would be dealt with, but it seems this has not happened.

There is no need for anyone to drive around the footpaths to empty these bins as they are all close to the roads and are a short walk away.

I know that the hedge trimming has to be done at this time of year but i would like someone to look at the mess the tractor has made on the grass at the bottom of Dairy Lane.

They have ruined this area. The residents try to keep these areas clean and tidy but what is the point if you are going to come along and just churn it all up?

I do hope someone can come and level off both of these areas i have mention above? maybe you would like to meet me one day and I can point out the mess left!’

M Whitworth, Brockhill

MAY I begin by congratulating Rachel Maclean on being elected to represent Redditch as our MP.

During her acceptance speech she promised to represent all the people of Redditch, whether they voted for her or not.

I for one am pleased to hear her publicly make this commitment because for the last two and a half years she has failed to engage with those who hold different views to her party by blocking them on social media or hiding comments from dissenting voices.

With Brexit almost certain to be enacted, I implore her to recognise that there are many people in this constituency who have very legitimate concerns about what a post-Brexit world will be like.

Only through her actions will she be able to prove that she does indeed represent us all.

A Thompson, Church Hill

AM I the only one who thought ‘turkeys voting for Christmas’ after the election result?

As a nation we’ve just voted to be an awful lot poorer and who knows what damage it will do with our nearest and biggest trading partner – yes, the EU.

How many companies will ‘re-shore’ back to continental Europe?

Customs checks between Northern Ireland and England, a Scotland with a mandate from the electorate for a second referendum and a clown filled with bluff and bluster at No10.

I hope David Cameron is satisfied with himself.

R Wilson, Greenlands

OH DEAR oh dear…. V Gaize is not going to be happy with the result of the General Election (Letters).

The Conservatives only got 29.35 per cent of the total electorate of 47,587,254.

They got 13,966,565 of those that went and voted.

Hang on a minute! 17,752,127 people voted for different parties.

Does this mean we’ll have to run another election until the figures match V Gaize’s expectations?

P Merricks, Brockhill

THEY still don’t get it.

When will these remain MPs, the Labour Momentum group, the unelected metropolitan elite and a host of Corbyn admiring ‘luvvies’ understand, that this election was not just about whether you were leave or remain, voted Tory or Labour or whatever political persuasion you were, it was about an orchestrated attack on the democratic processes of this country.

If these people ever bothered to read the history of the UK they would see that whenever democracy has been under attack in this great nation of ours, whether it be through conflict or in peacetime and it needs to be defended, the British people always, always come through.

Once again I can stand tall and say I am proud to be British.

F Evans, Studley

THE majority of people who voted decided to re-elect Rachel Maclean as MP for Redditch.

It has been described as a landslide victory, she secured more than double the amount of votes than any other candidate.

In her advert published in the Redditch Standard on December 6 she said she had ‘a Town Deal worth up to £25million and promised investment secured for the Alex’.

What evidence can she provide to the electorate that this is true?

In the same edition there was a letter from a P Bladon about the need for better consumer protection.

When Freemans had their fruit and vegetable stall on the market their scales were not hidden and unit pricing generally complied with current legislation.

This is not the case now.

Name and Address supplied

IT has taken more than three years for deomcracy to be restored to this great nation of ours.

This epic struggle was all down to the bigoted remoaners’ refusal to accept the democratic vote and demanding a second referendum – no wonder this country has been going down the drain.

After the overwhelming outcome of the General Election/second referendum, V Gaize and the other remoaners (Letters) have been left in no doubt that people have voted to leave the EU plus get rid of Corbyn.

As V Gaize does not seem to understand the meaning of democracy I suggest he/she looks it up in a dictionary.

I also suggest if this person does not like residing in a democratic country there are plenty of banana republics to choose from.

Hallelujah – V for victory.

M DREWELL, Headless Cross

GREAT thanks to Tesco’s in Redditch for their kind donation of toiletries, hats and blankets.

All will be distributed amongst the homeless and needy over the next coming weeks.

It’s all much appreciated and Merry Christmas to all Tesco’s staff.

Redditch Homeless Support

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