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1st Dec, 2021

Your views: Letters from this week's Redditch Standard (18.10.19)

WITH the speed of politics lately, it’s all I can do to keep up before something else insane happens, but I feel that I must respond to M Field’s letter (“A conspiracy theory?” Oct 4), in which they ask “Who is to blame?” for the breaking of our political system.I’d like to ask M Field just what planet they consider themselves to be on.If the official opposition is incapable of providing, well, an opposition and it falls to private individuals to challenge the sheer lawlessness surrounding the issue, then that is not the mark of a broken system, but rather a robust system that does not allow an unelected, minority, shambolic government to push it’s own damaging practices through unopposed.I’ve noticed with depressing regularity that the swivel-eyed Brexit clowns are quick to blame anyone – everyone – except themselves, as they drag the country down to the depths with their views.The denial and outright refusal to engage appear to be a hallmark of the most ardent of Brexiteers, including our own MP. I note the vacant, insubstantial response given in the Standard to Andrew Haycock (“How many will die?”, Sept 26) as suspiciously similar to one given to me in a reply to a letter written to Rachel Maclean during the Brexit debates a year or two ago.I laid out the potential problems with Brexit and asked her to examine her opinions.Her response? “I reject all criticism of Brexit.” I see her view has not changed.How dare Brexiteers drag the rest of the country down with them and kick the younger generation in the teeth into the bargain.And how dare 17 million-ish claim to speak for 66 million-ish? I want my country back.

M James, Southcrest


I USE the No55 bus to Oakenshaw for my journey home. The 1.30pm duly arrived in the bus station, as it does, coming in as the 70, sailed right past the stand and was never seen again. On further inquiries in the staff office, I was informed by the duty Inspector that the bus had broken windscreen wipers and had to return to the garage. The next 55 would now be at 2pm. I then missed the 1.40pm 47, which would have caused me a longer walk from Grangers Lane anyway. I had no choice but to catch the 48, going all round the Wrekin in the process.

After a long walk in the rain, with a heavy shopping bag, I eventually arrived home at 2.20pm, exactly an hour to get from the bus station to Oakenshaw.I realise buses are not perfect and do suffer breakdowns but the whole point is that a member of staff should always walk to the stand and keep the customers informed.

What would it take? A minute of their time to apologise. It’s just common sense and old fashioned courtesy.

J Littlewood, Oakenshaw


PARKING on the bends in Far Moor Lane has been a problem for some time now, so the council decide at last to install yellow lines. Good news you would think, but as usual the council’s inefficiency shows its ugly head as they have laid single yellow lines everywhere they don’t park and left blank the spaces they do.So nothing will change, the danger on the bend remains. What a total waste of taxpayers’ money. Well done Redditch Council, you have lived up to expectations.

C Harbone, Winyates Green


THE League of Friends of the Alexandra Hospital is holding its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, October 22, in the Lecture Theatre of the hospital, in the presence of the Mayor of Redditch, Councillor Roger Bennett.Refreshments will be served in the coffee shop from 6.30pm, with the meeting starting at 7pm. Our guest speaker is consultant urologist, Mr Paul Rajjayabun.I should like to take this opportunity to thank our members, volunteers and friends for all of their hard work and generous donations which have enabled us to continue to support the staff and patients of the hospital.

P Hadley, chair, The League of Friends of the Alexandra Hospital


RARELY a week goes by without dire warnings about the effects of pollution on health, in particular the health of children, babies and even the unborn.Governments and council impose charges to limit the effect of traffic fumes and eco warriors disrupt the lives of people going about their daily business.However no one seems concerned about the pollution outside schools where hundreds of children each day walk through clouds of pollution, caused by parents and teachers who should be at the forefront of protecting young lives.As they park as close to the schools as possible, ignoring all yellow line etc the lungs of the children do not have time to clear before they go into school.

This is, of course, besides the effect on the health of residents who live near the schools.Also, would blue badge holders please read the terms under which they are issued and park accordingly, not, as some seem to assume, anywhere they choose.

M Morley, Headless Cross

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