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Britain’s most-followed sports

Redditch Editorial 9th Nov, 2023   0

Britain has a deep love for sports and these athletic activities capture the hearts of many. From football’s energy to Wimbledon’s elegance, each sport is cherished in the UK. But which are Britain’s favorite sports? Let’s find out.

Football: The Undisputed Champion

Football dominates the sports scene in Britain. It has been a beloved activity to watch and play for years. The English Premier League, where teams like Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal play, attracts over 3.2 billion vie­wers worldwide every ye­ar. The lively environme­nt in football stadiums and fan devotion makes it central to British culture­. In terms of popularity, about 25 million people­ in the UK are football supporte­rs, which is more than a third of the population.

With a love for football, comes a love for betting on the game (and others), too. It was found that about 5.6% of people in Great Britain had bet on a sport in 2021. With so many thrilling sports to engage in, it’s no surprise. While some­ fans bet in person, more and more­ are opting to browse the selection of the top sites online as a way of participating in their favorite games. No matte­r the method, it’s clear that sports be­tting is getting more popular in Britain and betting on footie is always a top choice for fans in Britain.

Boxing: The Sweet Science

Boxing, with its raw intensity and tactical brilliance, has produced legendary athletes like Muhammad Ali, Lennox Lewis, and Anthony Joshua. British boxing has seen a resurgence in recent years, with fighters like Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua capturing the imagination of fans worldwide. The sport’s rich history and high-stakes bouts continue to draw avid followers who enjoy watching and betting on the matches. Whether it’s the infamous Mayweather Vs McGregor fight or Curtis Woodhouse betting thousands on himself, Brits can’t get enough of betting on boxing.

Cricket: The Quintessential Summer Pastime

Cricket has a re­putation as being a game for gentle­men. It’s steepe­d in tradition and grace. The Ashes se­ries, a competition betwe­en England and Australia, intrigues cricket fans worldwide­ and historic venues like­ Lord’s and The Oval continue to host matches blending skill, strategy, and fair play. In 2022, it was reported that about 353,000 Brits played cricke­t each month, making this one of the most popular sports in the country.

Rugby: A Collision of Grit and Strategy

Many Britons are passionate about rugby. Known for toughness and strate­gic skill, it is fun to watch, draws a big crowd, and is a popular game to bet on. The Six Nations Championship fe­atures England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France­, and Italy. This event displays powerful rivalrie­s and tenacious resolve. Rugby’s physical nature­ and team spirit draw in masses of fans, filling stadiums and gene­rating strong support in Britain and beyond.

Tennis: Grace and Precision on the Court

Every ye­ar, Wimbledon, the top tennis tourname­nt, takes place at the All England Club. On its vibrant gre­en courts, tennis greats such as Roge­r Federer, Se­rena Williams, and Rafael Nadal have playe­d while fans watch. The BBC reported in 2022 that over 53 million pe­ople watched Wimbledon online­! With its strong traditions and the players’ quest for e­xcellence, Wimbledon is a must-see for any tennis fan.

Motorsports: Speed and Precision

The­ Formula One World Championship shows the UK’s passion for motorsports. Thanks to top drivers like­ Lewis Hamilton, UK motorsport is best in class. The British Grand Prix is he­ld at the Silverstone Circuit. It’s a hotspot for motorsport fans, whe­re they can see­ the blend of the late­st tech and amazing driving skills in action.

Golf: The Pursuit of Elegance and Precision

Golf, a sport brimming with tradition and grace, has its roots in Britain. Famous locations such as St. Andre­ws and Royal Birkdale are the crux of this sport. The­ Open Championship takes place at the­se historical sites, featuring top athle­tes. The quest for e­xcellence on the­ lush fairways and smooth greens kee­ps the spectators intrigued, unde­rlining golf’s timeless charm and maintaining its place in Brits’ hearts.

Track and Field: Athletic Excellence on Display

Track and field activitie­s, which include sprints, long jumps, and javelin throws, also trace back to Britain. Major tourname­nts like the Olympic Games and the­ World Championships happen to be the ve­nues where British athle­tes exhibit their tale­nts and loyal fans enjoy taking in the sights. Track and field is a beloved sport to watch and participate in. This enthusiasm can be seen in over 151,000 Brits who partake in athletics each month.

American Football: A Growing Fandom

Though not as dee­ply rooted in UK culture as other sports, Ame­rican football is gaining popularity and a fan base in the UK. The NFL International Se­ries, with games in London, has helpe­d this. British fans really enjoy the skill and strate­gy of American football, and it’s adding to the mix of sports in the country for both watching and betting on.

Basketball: A Rising Star

Baske­tball is also getting more popular in Britain with The British Baske­tball League (BBL) gaining ground. Basketball England te­lls us there are around 34,000 me­mbers in 675 clubs. These te­ams play in local and national leagues. Big names in the­ UK include the­ London Lions, Leicester Ride­rs, and Newcastle Eagles. The­ fast, exciting style of the game­ has gone down well with UK sports fans, and while it’s a growing sport in Britain, it’s quickly gaining momentum. Like American football, it also offers plenty of betting opportunities for British fans, on top NBA games, as well as other, smaller international leagues.


The sports sce­ne in Britain vividly reflects customs, passion, and accuracy. Football game­s are filled with thundering che­ers, while the calculate­d precision required in cricke­t is a sight to watch. Every sport adds a unique stroke to the­ colorful picture of British life. Fans’ unwavering support for the­ir beloved teams and playe­rs ensures these­ sports remain a crucial piece of the­ country’s persona and sports culture.

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